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Author Topic: Stopping by for train wrecks  (Read 199 times)
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« on: December 13, 2018, 04:25:38 am »


I am here because I often find myself flabbergasted about humans' utter lack of spine and unlimited capacity to kowtow and suck up to power, wealth, status and sparkle - regardless of substance. Which should not be confused with ability to recognize and defer to legitimate authority or rank, when appropriate - which people of quality know why, when and how to do, with wisdom and dignity.

Philosophically and politically, I am, in fact, a supporter of natural aristocratic and elitist principles - unlike many people here, I suppose.
But this is exactly why I find it fascinating to watch how the BRF have sold these principles down the river, slowly turning into perfect Circus Freaks so they can get on with our Egalitarian/Mob Rule times. Their only purpose now is to preserve incredible advantages and security for themselves at the top of an ugly social system they defend no one else from. 
Since I haven't seen any other place on the Internet where you can vent with the occasional palm-to-the-head when the sheeple utter the 1 billion-th adulatory statement about someone "So Nice!!" in the BRF - there I am.


β€œTo do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.”
― Mark Twain
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