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Author Topic: Official visit to Sussex October 3rd  (Read 2160 times)
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« Reply #20 on: October 03, 2018, 09:47:25 pm »

What is it with her weird affected signature? That line she draws at the 2nd peak of the "M". Gawd even her signature is manufactured fakery.
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« Reply #21 on: October 03, 2018, 11:05:29 pm »

^ Plays into the "I used to do calligraphy" schtick but it looks terrible and I for one have never seen a stroke from the second peak that looks like that. Different artists have their own style of how they give the M flair but I usually see fancy lettering, as I call it, look more like this The line usually goes under the M and through it when it's coming from the second peak. The only time I see a curvy swoop going left, it's coming from the first peak. For instance,
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« Reply #22 on: October 04, 2018, 06:34:04 am »

Harry in Brighton yesterday. Plenty of people calling out his name.
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« Reply #23 on: October 04, 2018, 07:02:07 am »

^^ Too fancy. I can't find the article but I remember reading somewhere that it is much better to have a signature where you're not lifting the pen from start to finish. A downward strike on the M is also not a good sign. I'm all for calligraphy and all that but there is time and place for everything and "I used to print wedding cards" is not a good enough excuse for having a bad signature. Same with H - merging his own shortened name like this is not a good sign. You're either proud of who you are or you're trying to write your name illegibly as if you're ashamed of it.

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« Reply #24 on: October 04, 2018, 10:24:05 am »

^^^ Exactly!! It's not even done right!! And who puts these artificial things in their signature anyway?
Her monogram has one such sweeping thing, but it's also on the 1st peak.
I like lettering, but there's a time and a place for everything.

^ I fully agree.
As quick & short OT: do you remember why it is better to have a signature where you don't lift the pen from start to finish?
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Harryite #21

« Reply #25 on: October 04, 2018, 04:26:56 pm »

'Tell your mum I love her': Meghan is delighted by a royal fan's message for her mother Doria during a walkabout in Sussex - and replies that they have something in common
The Duchess of Sussex met countless adoring fans on her visit to the county that inspired her royal title, but one certainly stood out with a touching message for Meghan's mother Doria.
Royal fan Jennifer who goes by the Twitter handle LadySassington had the chance to shake hands with the Duchess during a walkabout and asked her: 'Will you tell your Mum I love her?'.
A clearly delighted Meghan, 37, stepped closer and replied: 'Oh I will! We have that in common, don't we?'.
The Duchess of Sussex shares a strong bond with her mother Doria, 62, and even invited her to join in a royal engagement as she officially launched a charity cookbook she collaborate on at Kensington Palace last month.
And Prince Harry broke with tradition by asking both parents for permission to marry Meghan before popping the question.   bored3  
Last month it was reported that Doria is set to move to the UK to be closer to her daughter and support her as she navigates royal life.
Source said she has already started to prepare for her departure to London after she quit her job as a social worker for the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services clinic in Culver City, Los Angeles, in May.
A close friend in LA said: 'She is getting ready to move to London. I think she will be going as soon as possible. I know that she was eager to live closer to her daughter.
‘She also fell in love with England and told me when she got back that it’s somewhere she believes she too could happily live,’ the source added.
Another neighbour in the LA area of Windsor Hills added: ‘Doria and Meghan have always been inseparable. Doria is beside herself with excitement at the thought of moving to London.
Sam's now talking about Doria being missing in Meg's ice and that she owes what she has to her dad. Meghan's only using her mum now for the obvious reason.  bored3

'Oh thank you!' Touching moment Prince Harry breaks protocol by KISSING a flustered female fan's hand during his Brighton walkabout
The prince was carrying out a day of engagements in with Meghan in Sussex on Wednesday when the couple stopped for an unscheduled walkabout in the seaside town.
In touching footage captured by 18-year-old student Francesca Troon, the woman, who is just out of shot, can be heard introducing herself as Lydia as Meghan reaches over the railings to greet her.
After Lydia exclaims that Meghan looks 'so beautiful' the Duchess asks where she is from, to which she replies: 'Hastings!'
Moments later, Harry approaches his wife who introduces him to the fan who is overjoyed when he plants a smacker on her hand, giggling, 'Oh thank you!'
Clearly delighted by their exchange, the old woman is congratulated by fellow royal fans with one exclaiming: 'Well done!'
Large crowds had lined the streets of Pavilion Buildings to catch a glimpse of the couple on their first official visit to their dukedom.
Francesca Troon, who captured the footage, told MailOnline: 'They were actually on the opposite side [of the street] and heard people shouting their names out on our side.
'Meghan made a beeline for this lady, she was elderly in her  eighties. Meghan asked her for her name and where she came from. Then Harry came over and Meghan introduced the lady to Harry.
'The lady was so excited and she said she felt so lucky that Harry had kissed her hand.'
She went straight to the black lady judging by the woman's hand.  bored3 Still playing the race card I see.  bored3 bored3
Her Bearness, The Ozarks, United States, 29 minutes ago
Seems they only kiss and hug non creamy hued people now...easter-lol.
angell2222, blaine, United States, 29 minutes ago
Megyn made a bee line towards her and harry kisses her hand. Her nationality is very much megyns agenda for looks.
Morph80, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago
MM sounds like she's still on a gameshow and Harry looks like he needs r e h a b
pompuppy1, Bullhead City, United States, 6 minutes ago
Is he high?
Alex Blaine Layder, Clewer Village, United Kingdom, 8 minutes ago
The lad in that video looks like he is either high as a kite on something or probably sauced up one shot too many! It's like Vallis and Edward again except even they had a bit more decorum than these two, and what an embarrassment to HM and the British ROYAL Family!
Bonnie Ocean, London -- Liverpool , United Kingdom, 29 minutes ago
I have been saying he seems to be on meds for a while. Over animated and jumpy.. look at his eyes.

I've seen comments on other articles regarding Harry looking dopped up, even on his wedding day. Will the press address this or just go on to praise up his escort so called wife because she's a cash co for them at the moment.

Prince Harry CONFIRMS he’s got a new dog with his ‘lovely American wife’ Meghan – but the Duchess reveals that 'people keep getting her name wrong’
Prince Harry has confirmed he and Meghan have got a new dog - but the Duchess revealed that 'people keep getting her name wrong'.
Introducing himself at a youth centre in Sussex, Harry, 34, said: 'My name is Harry, I have two dogs, and my lovely American wife'.
Later, he and Meghan, 37, were presented with a drawing of their beagle Guy, when Harry commented 'No one's even seen our [new] dog.'
The Duchess of Sussex then added: 'I know, and they keep getting her name wrong.'
She seemed to be referring to the reports last month the couple had adopted a black labrador called Oz, in addition to Meghan's dog Guy.
During their visit to the Survivors' Network, a charity that supports victims sexual violence in Brighton, the couple were presented with a print of Meghan's beagle Guy.
A member of staff at the centre explained: 'While you're here, we had a local artist who did an intersectional feminist print of your dog.'
The print featured a drawing of a pooch, along with the caption: 'A boy who makes every effort to dismantle the patriarchy whiles keeping in mind intersections with other forms of oppression'.  huh dontknow
After being presented the print, Harry said 'No one's even seen our dog', to which Meghan commented: 'I know, and they keep getting her name wrong.'
The prince then spotted that the drawing appeared to be their beagle Guy, commenting 'Maybe that's Guy!'
After also being presented with a pin badge, Meghan added: 'Wow, this is really special, thank you.'  
Earlier in the day, Harry confirmed reports he and Meghan had adopted a new dog while visiting a youth centre, describing how he had 'two dogs'.
Last month, it emerged the couple had adopted a new dog, in addition to Meghan's beagle Guy, who was flown over from Toronto last November.
A source previously told the Daily Mail's Richard Eden: 'The dog is already happily ensconced at their cottage.
‘Like the Sussexes, the dog will divide its time between the palace and their country home in the Cotswolds.’
Following the report, it was suggested the couple had given it the unusual moniker 'Oz' - although this has since been rejected by Meghan.  
While Guy made the journey over to the UK, Meghan deemed her other rescue dog, Bogart, too old to make the journey from Canada, with the pooch being looked after by friends.
Willow, down town, United Kingdom, less than a minute ago
Is lovely American wife? Why the need to describe her in such a way
Minecachair, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3 minutes ago
Bit irresponsible getting a new dog just as they're about to go on a jolly to Australia.Will the animals go into kennels?
Etolie, Derby, United Kingdom, 8 minutes ago
Meghan's PR just posted an article about Samantha, only "nice" comments about MeAgain allowed. Must be costing Harry a fortune.
Lucilleballs, London, United Kingdom, 8 minutes ago
What I think is funny is that in another DM post Meghan's sister was bashing her forr this or that (doesn't matter what) and everybody told her to shut seems like when someone is on Meghan's side everyone is against...when they are bashing Meghan everybody comes for her rescue..just saying
Pandarina, London, United Kingdom, moments ago
It's simple Meghan isn't trusted and neither is Samantha.
Lucilleballs, London, United Kingdom, 8 minutes ago
TheScottishHibee, Edinburgh SCOTLAND, United Kingdom, 12 minutes ago
Rachel's dad Thomas has kept the "dignified silence" that she demanded before getting her friends to sl a g him off in the press, yet still no phone call. She really is a nasty piece of work and is certainly no humanitarian. On the subject of dogs, she abandoned one of her poor dogs in Toronto because it was old. She is a despicable person.  thumbsup
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Keep Calm and Carry On
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« Reply #26 on: October 04, 2018, 07:32:28 pm »

This whole 'new dog' thing is fishy. Who gets a new dog and jets off? Have they never heard of the quarantine laws in that part of the world? I rather hope it's a gun dog who lives with the others in HM's kennel, under care of staff and trainers, versus a pet in their midst. HM breeds black labs for gun dogs, after all. I think the pet angle is PR.
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« Reply #27 on: October 04, 2018, 08:13:18 pm »

“My American wife”, Harry?  Wth?

\\\"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.\\\"  Thomas Jefferson
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Harryite #21

« Reply #28 on: October 04, 2018, 08:34:30 pm »

'Can't wait for Harry and Meghan to have babies!' Royal fans gush over video showing Prince playfully tickling a young boy he met during his walkabout in Sussex
Royal fans have gushed over a video showing Prince Harry playfully tickling a young boy in Sussex - saying they 'can't wait for him and Meghan to have babies'.
The Duke of Sussex, 34, was seen meeting two-year-old Tobias Henning during his walkabout in Chichester yesterday, asking him 'Are you alright?'
After giving him an affectionate pat on the head, a smiling Harry questioned 'Are you ticklish?' before proceeding to tickle him.
Social media users have been quick to gush over the clip, describing the prince as a 'natural' with kids.
Others drew comparisons with Princess Diana, suggesting Harry is 'just like his mum' when it comes to his way with children.
The Duke gave the children hi-fives after discovering they were missing their double Latin lesson to be there.
During the walkabout in Chichester, a thoughtful Harry was also seen shielding an 11-month-old baby from the sun using his jacket.  thumbsup IMO, he needs to be around kids to releive the pressure of dealing with his tacky American wife.
It comes as speculation mounts over when he and Meghan might decide to start a family, after both hinting at their desire to have children.   thumbsdown
Meanwhile, fans have also previously hailed Meghan's maternal instincts, including earlier this summer when she was pictured having a sweet exchange with a little girl at the polo.
The Duchess was seen crouching down to put herself at the same height as the little girl - understood to be Mark Dyer's daughter, Isabella - and held her hands as they talked.  tehe using the kid as a shield whilst she went snooping around Hary's stuff.
Edwarda, Someday, United Kingdom, about 2 hours ago

No one is gushing. When he was paying attention to kids she kept putting rubbing his back and was nervous? She thinks she is in sort of competition and does not want anyone to upstage her. It must hard when she was z list actress, and know look twice at her with small circles if self-centered of socials climbers! She thinks it's all about her again?

Keep Calm and Carry On
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