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Author Topic: Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Press Articles & Random Chat  (Read 44214 times)
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Kuei Fei
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« Reply #920 on: Today at 05:07:28 am »

She claims she and Murky are depending on one another now although they've supposedly known each other for years. Why so? Why are you just now depending on her? This just makes her look ridiculous. She's a grown a$$, nearing 40, highly accomplished black tennis star who has overcome so much adversity and racism to get to where she is today. Now all of a sudden she claims she needs to depend on a privileged twit whose never experienced any true adversity in her life at all, has spent her entire life trading on her ambiguous features a white identity, and only accomplishment is being one role and that was a supporting character that was non important to the show? How can she at all help you get through anything? Nonsense.

Just recently Serena has made a complete fool of herself and a disaster of the win of the new champion Naomi Osaka. She also has a huge streak of a victim mentality (something she showed during her disgraceful behavior after losing the US Open) and I am fed up with this persecution complex that Serena has established.

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« Reply #921 on: Today at 05:09:51 am »

^^ Why not sow some fabric from her wedding to Trevor as the "something old"

^ Totally agree with the comments. Serena's meltdown is on her and she needs to man up and own her actions. However, she's still a tennis legend and her track record is indisputable. M's claim to fame is, on the other hand, getting a ring from a prince.

Something blue? Her Daddy? Harry's hand from her squeezing off the blood supply to it constantly? Charles' wallet from constantly being emptied?
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« Reply #922 on: Today at 01:37:32 pm »

"The world's most famous wedding dress"huh? Really???  blink huh
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