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Author Topic: Cambridge's Schedule: 2018 Edition  (Read 643 times)
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« Reply #20 on: January 15, 2018, 12:44:37 pm »

I have never suggested titles being removed but rather voluntarily given up. George V removed a number of titles when he did the LPs in 1917 (Lord Mountbatten's father famously commented that he arrived at a weekend house party a Prince and left a Marquis).

No one is saying that the children of the monarch shouldn't be HRH.

What I am saying is that it should be announced that only the heir will work for the Firm and that the others must earn their own living - not live as socialites unless they can do so without any cost to the public. No security for them either if they are private citizens.

Going forward the family needs to be streamlined so the question is what is meant by that - is it relationship to the monarch or limited to place in the line of succession. If all children of the monarch are to work for the Firm then there will need to be a clear understanding about how many children they can have or we get a blown own set up like we have now with four children which no one really wants working for the family anymore - certainly not Andrew and Edward but as they are higher in the line of succession than Anne if they go then she has to go as well.

I am saying line of succession should limit the size of the working family not relationship to the monarch so that Charlotte and her new sibling have to make their way as private citizens. Unless George dies without issue they will be surplus to requirements as far as the future of the monarchy is concerned - like Harry is now and Andrew and Beatrice and Eugenie etc etc.

HRHs are only removed from married in royals on divorce e.g. Diana and Sarah (although Sarah kept her HRH until Diana's divorce). Could you imagine if Sarah was still HRH The Duchess of York what she would be doing???

I agree it needs to be thought through for new generations but if left too long it won't be able to be brought into effect until George is King rather than when William is King.
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« Reply #21 on: January 15, 2018, 12:54:08 pm »

I would rather see Princess Charlotte like Princess Anne, doing her work and giving back, and not like  a Socialite like Kitty Spencer being photographed going to parties and the races and so on.  The temptation would then for her to live off her $$$ and not have any incentive to do anything except "fun" things. She may not even bother to get a job. With some structure, she would achieve and be of assistance to her family and certainly Prince George would appreciate having a sibling taking on some of the work.

Charlotte would be the sister of a monarch and would need security. Going her own way would put her in danger of not having the security her elder sibling would She would be vulnerable. Even Princess Anne who was working as a royal and had security, was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. Putting Charlotte in an "ordinary" job would be very risky. She is not a Lady Louise but the daughter of a future King. What if something happened to Charlotte if her security were removed? The royals certainly would have to rethink this risky move.

Charles and his siblings are aging out, so the younger ones have to take up the slack.

And George and his future wife will have a family but the children would not be able to work for 20 or more years. So naturally, Charlotte and the younger sibling could do that.

I do think it is a risk to make some of the heir to the heir's children private citizens. They would be targeted without the protection the oldest would get.

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« Reply #22 on: January 15, 2018, 03:33:02 pm »


January 9  The Duke of Cambridge, Colonel, Irish Guards, this morning received Colonel Tim Purdon
January 10th The Duke of Cambridge, President of @royalmarsdenNHS, will visit the Trust’s facilities in Chelsea to view two pioneering robotic surgeries.
January 10 The Duke of Cambridge will meet with @theCALMzone staff, volunteers and supporters to support their new campaign the 'Best Man Project' #bestmanproject
January 18  The Duke of Cambridge will be visiting @EvelinaLondon children's hospital
January 23 The Duke of Cambridge will deliver the keynote speech at the @ChtyCommission Annual Public Meeting

January 10th The Duchess of Cambridge will visit Reach Academy Feltham  to see their work with @Place2Be supporting children and families in the school.
January 11  Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, today attended the HeadStart Conference
January 17 The Duchess of Cambridge will visit @GreatOrmondSt on  to officially open the Mittal Children's Medical Centre, home to the new Premier Inn Clinical Building.
January 17 The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of @Wimbledon, will visit Bond Primary School in Mitcham to see the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative.

William and Kate
January 16th The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Coventry on  will visit Coventry Cathedral, Coventry University and The Positive Youth Foundation.
January 30 - February 2 Tour Sweden and Norway

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« Reply #23 on: January 15, 2018, 04:33:01 pm »

^ So on the 16th in Coventry they will eventually list/count that as 3 events/work each?

That's 2 days in a row for WK - does she get overtime for being over extended?
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