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Author Topic: Predictions 2018  (Read 961 times)
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« on: January 18, 2018, 06:31:14 pm »

I couldn't find a thread for this subject but if one already exists and mods want to merge, Okay then. flower

This is for predictions for the new year 2018 and in no particular order:

Controversy continues to surround the circus currently in the WH
Mueller will indict several more of Trumps associates
Intensified investigations of Donald Jr, Ivanka and Jared Kushner
Steve Bannon testifies against Donald Sr  esp re the meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians
Movie industry sees record profits this year as does music industry

Women the world over still foam at he mouth when seeing the Trudeau guy (I still don't know why  tehe)
The movie industry will turn a record profit esp on the east coast which overshadows the successes of Vancouver island, etc

A return of the clans in a big way which angers and concerns the English
QE II remains on throne
PW annuls fraudulent so-called marriage and remarries (it is explained so everyone understands) for love this time. MO event finally outed with The Hideous, OdiousTribe going to jail...
Charles and Camilla remain happily married
PH ends engagement but recovers his popularity and support among the British people
Entertainment industry sees record profits even in Eire

More regions occupied since 1492 try for independence. The World court rules in favour of at least one region thereby creating at least one new/old, small country
The economy improves slightly but mostly in the northern region

Remain fabulous

More violence and a splinter groups break off from Isis forming a new terroryst organisation, western governments scramble to publicly protest these savages whilst privately trying to arm them after all war = $$$
Israel is caught in more lies and aggression in demanding all of the land within their vicinity.

A group of whales will be found washed ashore somewhere in the world (just because we are overdue for the sadness happening again bye)
Major earthquakes in California, Kazakstan, and Turkey
Scandal surrounding several journos within the DM, CNN causes embarrassment
The Eastern Bunny found in compromising position whilst hiding his eggs, charged with indecency and lynched by an angry mob

I won't say world peace  because that isn't going to happen so I want to be a vampyre if only genetically modified vamp. So, scientists create way to make human/vampyre hybrids and GMVs...  tehe I did say wishful thinking, didn't I? tehe tehe tehe


Barnabe et Kitty...
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« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2018, 12:34:14 pm »

Hi deGuernsey thanks for starting this thread  flower

There are going to be earthquakes in places you wouldn't expect earthquakes and seismic shifts where you would anticipate them.

Lithuania will free itself from the EU

Japan's Princess Mako will call off her wedding.

Estonia will win the Eurovision song contest

Trump will be impeached.

Something to do with Fentanyl imports from Mexico a key route will be cut off at the artery to target and end North Americas opiod crisis.

Big pharma will continue to grow in strength in 2018 there will be a rebellion and a return to natural medicines in 2019

CP Hamdan of Dubai will marry in 2022 first child in 2024 to an emirati

CP Victoria of Sweden will bring a baby boy into the world in 2019 an A name.

Latvia will be in financial crisis

Schisms within European Union

Brexit will drag its feet but will happen

Recession on northern mainland the south will avoid. That is to say Australasia will fare well North America and England especially in financial crisis which could easily be averted

Austerity will continue under the guise of necessity

Homelessness will increase but not among the usually targeted.

The bottom will fall out of the housing market again.

Economic stimulus packages will fail

A return to privatisation in state hands.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I'm seeing a wedding and a child in the first year. However their cards are not auspicious. Five of wands constant bickering which starts early and ends late. There is yet time.

Apologies that the chronology is all over the place.

HRH Tiana of NOLA
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« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2018, 04:45:55 am »

Thanks for the thread, y'all!

"You just keep your eyes at one of of the biggest gaudiest floats with a Mardi Gras princess about to kissed herself a... a frog." - Princess Tiana
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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2018, 03:17:42 pm »

Britain is experiencing earthquakes:

And many companies are feeling the early effects of recession Toys r Us the latest victim along with Maplin and Carillion

Not sure how my other predictions will pan out but two out of nineteen isn't bad for only two months into the year.

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