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Author Topic: Celebrity Tarot Readings  (Read 699 times)
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« on: July 20, 2017, 05:50:59 pm »

I'm not sure if this is the correct board for alternative tarot readings but if I'm in the wrong place please could you move rather than delete this thread mods? It doesn't look a lot but readings take quite a while to do.

 I thought this could be a place not only for personal readings on celebrities but also a place to collect readings and predictions by more established readers who have an online following.

To kick things off here are a few readings for some North American based celebs

Brad Pitt

Past Seven of Cups
Present Five of Swords
Future Five of Wands


Card Description: A man reclining on a bench imagining seven cups filled with various attributes.

Interpretation: Daydreaming, the grass is always greener, being too enveloped in a fantasy and not reality

Present: Five of Swords

Card Description: a figure in the foreground has derived a hollow victory over two combattants.

Interpretation: feeling beaten down by life in general but also as the future card denotes inner and outer conflicts though mostly outer the need to be the own source of happiness.

Future: Five of Wands

Card Description: Five combattants armed with wands/staffs fighting with each other.

Interpretation: Being locked in an interminable battle with the self and aspects of the self this manifesting in the outside world as external conflict. Becoming comfortable in one's own skin. LA.

Overall interpretation: moving from a period on an emotional rollercoaster (cups) to logical dissection of circumstances and thoughts ( swords) to fiery inner and outer turmoil (wands) there may be some conflict with agents over the direction and branding of Brad Pitt's career path in the future. Possible swapping up of agent or agency altogether.

Katy Perry

Past Four of Swords (image: a tomb)
Present Six of Swords (image: a boat in choppy waters)
Future Knight of Pentacles ( image: a person on horseback in a freshly ploughed field holding a pentacle)

Past: locking away of the heart, seeking oblivion to numb the pain, wanting an outlet for all this pent up creative energy.

Present: a trip over water, new beginnings.

Future: planting the seeds of success, another new album, time out, realising what's really important in life.

Courtney Love

Past Two of Swords
Present The Devil
Future The Sun

Past: pulled in two directions between the heart and the head, embracing new beginnings while trapped in reading the last chapter over and over and over again, seeking to free the inner goddess.

Present: doing something/everything to excess, feeling trapped by a contract or riddle, time rife for misunderstanding, looking for (new) love

Future: exhaustion the need to slow down and take a vacation a glut of possibilities too much to do too little time.

Frances Bean Cobain

Past Ten of Pentacles
Present Knight of Cups
Future Knight of Swords

Past: a contented life ripped apart, semblance of happiness, beware the wolf in sheep's clothing, seeking inner peace
Present and Future: Two men vying for her affections one to be trusted in the long term and one not. Apply logic all that glitters isn't gold.


Past Strength
Present Five of Cups
Future Six of Cups

Past: make hay while the sun shines. Watch out and over the Leos in your life.

Present: no use crying over spilled milk, wasted investments, be thankful of what you are able to salvage.

Future: Beware financial fiddlings, take care of investments, not all monies going where they should be. Be financially wary and plan for the future, a financial downturn.

George Clooney

Past Six of Wands
Present Five of Wands
Future Eight of Cups

Past: Victory
Present: Conflict
Future: an emotional continuation and journey en seule

If there are any celebrities you would like to see readings for or if you have any readings  to share please do add to this thread  flower

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« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 05:13:24 am »

^ I don't think we have a thread for my post so I post it here. On the previous forum there was a member who gave free readings to us posters. It was so kind. I wish she were here to give us readings. I am probably being selfish... Okay I am definitely being selfish but she was so ON! I was shocked. I am still not sure what to make of psychic/mediums or readings etc except they are fun to read but she actually gave an accurate reading and that has only happened to me once before by a friend I hadn't seen in years and who could not have known what was happening with my life at the time since a lot had changed since I last saw her. She also said that doing a reading took a lot out of her.  dontknow So I guess I am selfish since I want a reading. PS I haven't seen my friend in years..... anyone up for it? What sort of payment? A nice side gig, no? tehe flower

Barnabe et Kitty...
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« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2017, 01:37:00 pm »

 hello deGuernsey thanks for posting. I too am very fortunate to have had numerous readings by professional psychic mediums the best one so far  at the start of this year pretty much everything that the medium predicted has come true. 

In the interim I can recommend this free tarot website it delivered to me a very accurate reading yesterday.

I would love to do a reading for you maybe six months to a year from now but I sense somehow your energy is rather delicate and I don't want to disturb your equilibrium at this present time. This forum is blessed with many talented mediums though so I hope by PM someone is able to deliver a current reading for you.

Some more celebrity and general world predictions for 2017 that I found via a search engine (it's an extensive list)
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