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Author Topic: End of an Era  (Read 534 times)
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Kuei Fei
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« on: May 23, 2017, 03:15:02 am »

I had the thought that we're witnessing the end of an era.

These days I truly believe that we're witnessing the end of automatic deference and despite their efforts, royals are still not taken seriously or modernized in a way that they can handle changing times. Since 2011 it's like people are viewing royals like a man views a girlfriend/wife who refuses to get it together and lead a more straightforward life, or like a child that keeps being determined to have the parents take care of them.they live according to their hype, their very identity is built into it, and refuse to comprehend that others don't see them that way.

No one views Harry and William as sexy (despite the press' determined efforts) and no one is fooled when the press writes about how the Windsors are going to be so much more. Everyone thought that WK would take the world by storm and I do think everyone is sick of their meddling, asking for more money all the time, and I do believe that the current 'young royals' are in fact like the friend who is partying all the time and trying to stick everyone with the bill even though the party friend is capable of paying their own way. Now that times are changing, everyone is expected to pay their own way.

The fairy-tale is stale since princes and princesses marry commoners and it's nothing new, while they look like jokes in their military uniforms. Harry served briefly, but the second time was for PR and while William was in the Falklands, clearly William didn't do much if he was taking long walks in beaches. Royal weddings are tackfest pantomimes while everyone knows the bride hasn't been just around the block, but around the nation; seeing them in bridal white is kind of a joke and pundits almost start the divorce countdown. Throw in the relations and it's mainly now just a huge party for the privileged.

The British royals constantly make it clear that their wedding celebrations (reception/breakfast) are only for the elite and sincerely think that everyone needs to pay for them, but know their place. There are no real constrictions anymore and clearly the narrative of 'poor royals' is stale and unbelieved.

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Fernanda Nunes
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« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2017, 04:51:07 am »

I believe this is a bit more complicated. The answer to all this is charisma. And I give you a good example for what I am saying: Princess Diana would be loved and accepted by the People as future Queen regardless of whether or not Count's daughter, because she had charisma, people wanted to read about her, wanted to get close Of her, and charisma the press does not manufacture, is something that God and only God gives.

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