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Author Topic: Prince William: Press Articles & Random Chat 2017  (Read 9585 times)
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« Reply #240 on: August 12, 2017, 08:56:39 pm »

W&K don't want to do the work involved.
These "William for next King" people are silly. The thing about monarchies is that the next in line has/gets to inherit. Charles is first in line, not William. It's all about birth order and blood line. If people could choose the next king or queen, that would be a democracy and why have a monarch at all?

I think the worst thing Diana EVER did was declare war on Charles and basically even MENTION that Charles had limitations that would prevent him from being an effective king. There was NO excuse for any of that and I do think HM was justified in ordering a divorce; I don't believe Diana was ever justified in doing that.

WK don't have any allies (powerful ones that is) and they have a huge roster of enemies who are just waiting for the right chance to pounce. Neither even have the courtiers on their side and neither are aware that people are just biding their time until the right crack in the wall reveals itself.

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« Reply #241 on: August 12, 2017, 10:59:43 pm »

What Diana said has been said by others. Charles likes to speak out on all sorts of issues and he has pushed the envelope. As King he can't do that sort of thing which are the "limits" Diana talked about. He would in effect by silenced from butting into politics and other situations. She did not say he would be incompetent or ineffective.  Diana probably knew she could not straight out say he would be incompetent and WIll would be better. Even Junor said something similar about Charles! And Diana had no real power to displace Charles it was not as if she were storming the Palace. Today, Will would probably be horrified to hear he must become the next monarch

I think if the Queen had not stepped in Charles would have been out there again giving another interview.

Charles did push the envelope himself when he told his biographer how horribly he was treated by his parents and how miserable he was. HE also blames his parents for his marrying Diana (like he was a baby or something).  Junor and Smith continue the poor Charles mantra. Charles shot himself in the foot also when he named Camilla as his mistress, forcing a divorce. And that pretty much made him obligated to marry the mistress  and not marry someone who could have been more suitable to the public. He might even have had more children.

Charles treatment of Diana was deplorable. Some women would have retaliated in a much stronger way against the husband. Diana stayed in the marriage for 10 years (before the separation).
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