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Author Topic: British Royal Finances  (Read 52644 times)
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« Reply #460 on: July 31, 2018, 09:57:05 pm »

Similar article in the Express.

With all the money she has coming it, why does she need the taxpayers to fund the refurb of BP.  She lives there, free, she should pay for these things herself.  The greed of the vile family knows no bounds, at all.
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« Reply #461 on: August 01, 2018, 07:37:33 am »

She doesn't own BP and so the people who do own it have to pay for the refurbishment. She never wanted to even move into the place. She has to live there - no choice as the government has made her do so.

Had Tony Blair not been so short-sighted in 1997 the cost would be a lot lower as a lot of maintenance would have been done that wasn't able to be done as the money wasn't there for it. What he did do was see a 'contingency fund' being built up to use for the major refurbishment (of Windsor, BP and the Houses of Parliament) and decided that instead of continuing to build that fund that he would freeze funding for the maintenance of these palaces and force the contingency fund moneys to be used up - was all gone within a decade and no increase in funding until 2012 so of course there was no money available, a lot of maintenance had to be prioritised and some things were not able to be done.

Charles is on record as saying he doesn't want to move in there at all and wants it handed over to the public more often. I suspect that when the time comes the government will again say 'no - the home of the monarch is BP - no ifs or buts'. Unlike you and me the monarch can't choose where to live - they are told.

The money she has coming in also has to pay for a lot of staff, the working expenses of the BRF (other than the Wales' branch of the family), maintenance of her private properties - Sandringham and Balmoral - and the expenses of her younger children and their families as needed - that is after she has paid tax on it as well.
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