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Author Topic: Ken Wharfe: William is sly and spoiled  (Read 4456 times)
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« Reply #20 on: May 05, 2016, 10:15:57 am »

Maybe he feels a higher moral responsibility to tell the truth, as he sees it, about a taxpayer-funded institution.  I see no difference between this and the many many books written by US ex-Secret Service agents who have been writing books and giving interviews since JFK up to Obama.  People who have a job that is funded by taxpayers should be scrutinized and held to a higher standard. 

In my line of work, I am technically paid by donors to a non-profit and fully expect my behavior to reflect my employers and those who fundamentally pay my salary. If I should be a jerk on the job I would expect to be fired and justifiably so.  Image is everything in my line of work.  In the case of the Windsors, they aren't even voted in.  They're there simply because of their blood line or marriage so should not be shocked if their feet are held to the fire.

If there is no confidentiality contract in place, in this instance, I see no problem with him telling his story.  It doesn't affect anybody's security anymore than it did our President's.  As gossip site people I'd think we'd be first on board to attain as much investigative journalism we could get our hands on.  The minute they take one dime of somebody else's money, they lose the right to be outraged if their behavior is such that it hurts the country's image.

I do not agree, however, that any inside information should be released as to how any public figure is protected and I don't see that happening here.  I see somebody writing about behavior not giving away security detail information. 

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« Reply #21 on: May 05, 2016, 12:39:32 pm »

It could just be he wanted the world to know that bill medd has never changed over the years, and that he was always a petulant, nasty bully boy, with everyone covering up for him. The tide is turning and people need to know what an unpleant, nasty bully he is.  If he made a bit of money out of it then so be it, selling info is done the world over.  He was not exactly giving out state secrets, he was telling us what a dreadful child he was, that info, ñand many of his group will know that info anyway. I personally can´t say I blame him for for it at all.  Bill medd is an adult now, he could have chosen to change his ways, I believe KW was letting us know that he had not changed, and obviously in that case does not want to.

I totally agree with everything you just said GB. Ken Wharfe is just substantiating all that has been said about Willy Boy's character. This is not a state secret. A leopard does not change his spots and Will Middleton certainly hasn't changed his. In fact with the influence of The Viper and Her Programmed Potato Head, the bad traits of his character have been enhanced tremendously.
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« Reply #22 on: May 05, 2016, 11:54:06 pm »

I have not read this book, but it does seem strange that it is yet another source of information which is "talking out negatively against PW". And I do wonder if he was given the green light to say theses things by the Courtiers etc.

Has it been out long?

and I do believe PW is sly. He did bet PH into wearing that Nazi uniform, didn't he? Mind you PH was dumb enough to accept the bet. Apparently IIRC, they were both in the same costume shop at the same time when the uniform was picked. I would never do that, but not PW. He threw his own brother under the bus just so he can look like the golden prince.

As we say in Sotland, what a sly get he is. (Translates as what a sly object, not person, but thing, he is). And I couldn't agree more.
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