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Author Topic: Kate's Hair Thread II  (Read 20923 times)
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« Reply #220 on: March 01, 2017, 09:47:12 am » Shocked
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« Reply #221 on: March 01, 2017, 12:48:42 pm »

Well, nobody seems impressed that she allegedly copied Princess Anne.  I would be horrified in PA´s position to think that apology for a female might be copying me.  Another major pr fail.  Anne looks regal and has some presence, council cath is just that, a sink estate push through with no class and no presence at all.  Maybe she should copy PA´s work ethic.

Juggers lovie, stop being so desperate, you really are making a comple 100% fool of yourself now.  If that is all you can dredge up then maybe it is time to throw in the towel and find another job, because you sure aren´t making a very good one here  -  unless that is your aim, to show her up for the fake, unpleasant, common person that she is  -  if that is the case then you are doing your job well, because the public do not like her, or her common sink estate family, and the sooner they get rid of her the better.  Can just see all the street parties, celebrating have to support this trailer trash and her fake family.

it is so sad that the only things to compare Kate with others are hair and clothes, and what's even more sad is even in that Kate can't really compete, Anne's hair is still natural and Kate has head full of extensions and wiglets

Kensington Palace PR in overdrive when your trying to compare unpopular Royals with HM one week, and another one of our hardest working Royals, Princess Anne.

Kate's PR out in full force. Desperately trying to make her look hardworking and likeable. That ships sailed. When you have somebody laughing their head off at remembrance, refusing to hand out shamrocks, telling the press she would be cutting back royal duties after 3 years of being in the RF....well the damage has been done.

Pity she doesn't copy Anne's work ethic.

I can't believe this has been published. It's really, really rubbish.

Can't help getting an article about Kate in again, can you DM?It's NEVER about her "work" as she does only the bare minimum she can get away with, or achievements, as she has none, so it's always about her appearance. And as for women copying her, it;'s only the saddos who do that
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