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Author Topic: Jane Andrew's- The Duchess of York's Royal dresser  (Read 18356 times)
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serene grace
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« on: November 12, 2013, 11:55:30 pm »


Jane Andrews
Jane Andrews
 Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UK
Occupation-Royal Aide
Employer-Duchess of York (1988-1997)
Known for- Murder of Tom Cressman

Life in prison
Criminal status
Christopher Dunn-Butler (divorced)
Tom Cressman (deceased)

Jane Andrews (born 1967) is a one-time Royal dresser for Sarah, the Duchess of York, who was convicted of murdering her lover Tom Cressman during a sensational trial in 2001 at the Old Bailey that attracted much public interest, both due to the dramatic circumstances of the killing and the story of the working class girl who mixed intimately with the rich and glamorous, though officially only as a servant.[1]

Since her childhood, Andrews aspired to leave her blue-collar roots behind.

she answered an anonymous ad in The Lady magazine for a personal dresser. Six months later, she interviewed with Sarah, Duchess of York and began working for her at Buckingham Palace four days later.[4] Despite a modest salary of only 18,000 euros, Andrews lived a newfound opulent lifestyle, and she was able to purchase a new flat in Battersea Park.[4] It is alleged that Andrews stole approximately 250,000 euros worth of jewels from the Duchess' suitcases in 1995, although these allegations were never proven.[3] The job brought Andrews a higher status and a new circle of friends; she was reportedly involved with several men whom she met through work.[4]

Andrews met Dimitri Horne, the son of a Greek shipping magnate. However, after a bitter breakup, Andrews trashed the flat they shared. That brought Andrews into a deep depression. She overdosed again but survived without seeking medical treatment.[2]
During this time, it is alleged that the Duchess was having an affair, with Tuscan aristocrat Count Gaddo della Gheradecsu. However, he supposedly also had feelings for Andrews. Shortly after this alleged fling, Andrews was dismissed from her job as the Duchess' royal dresser.[4] Although it is believed by some that this issue led directly to Andrews' termination, Buckingham Palace officials state there is no truth in this and that her departure was part of a cost-cutting exercise.[2]
New marriage prospect[edit]
Andrews was introduced to Thomas Cressman, a former stockbroker, in 1998 by a mutual acquaintance. Cressman ran a successful business selling car accessories, and mixed in the upper echelons of London society.[2] Due to her supposed financial hardships at the time, Andrews moved into Cressman's flat in Fulham shortly into their relationship. She got a job at Claridge's Hotel in October 1999 as a PR manager, but was forced to leave after only two months.[3] For the next two years in the couple's relationship, Andrews made it obvious that all her hopes were pinned on Cressman as her future husband and father of her children.[4]
Murder of boyfriend
In September 2000, Andrews accompanied Cressman on a holiday to Italy and to his family's villa on the French Riviera. Andrews was reportedly expecting Cressman to propose marriage to her during their holiday, but Cressman told her that he had no intention of marrying her.[2] After returning to the couple's Fulham flat, the couple allegedly got into a heated argument. Cressman had called police reporting that "somebody is going to get hurt", but police never came to his flat. That night while Cressman was sleeping, Andrews smashed him with a cricket bat and then stabbed him with a knife. Following the bloody attack, Andrews fled the scene

I believe she also did steal Fergie's jewels, just my opinion.

This woman was insane.
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Kuei Fei
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 12:02:55 am »

One thing I do know, is that I'm surprised the RF didn't find a stable, reliable dresser and I heard (watched "Deadly Women" episode about her) she'll be eligible for parole in 2014. She reminds me of Pippa, the way she searched hard for a man to take care of her and I don't think she'll be able to function in society.

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serene grace
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« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2013, 12:32:46 am »

She was angry that high society was not allowing her an entrance past being an employee or a girlfriend.

She probably wanted what Sarah had. She thought the boyfriend was going to marry her ,give her a big life of wealth and status, but he told her NO.
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