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Author Topic: What is Charles up to?  (Read 913 times)
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True Brit
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« on: May 21, 2013, 04:03:16 pm »

A blogger called the Daily Slog posted this story about Prince Charles yesterday and it's a bizarre and worrying story particularly for anyone who believes he has too much political influence and interferes far too often. It appears he has become the official sponsor of the security services and has initiated awards for them. The blogger gives a link to the original story in the DT...except the story has disappeared from his site but is still online here:

And someone has left an interesting comment on the DT site:

Oh how the Establishment are obsessively covering up their own scandals. I reckon MI5 are really panicking with the peadophile scandal ensuring it's just TV celebs that get exposed and not members of our Judiciary, Police and high ranking members of the rest of the establishment. Charles, well he is just concerned about his inappropriate relationship with Jimmy Savile and the numerous encounters he shared with him. Looks like Charles is personally overseeing how this gets covered up.

How the mighty WILL fall.

Anyway read on and consider.

BTW it's best to read the entire story via the link as it concerns well...just read it.

On now to the Highest Family in the Land, and time for me to remove any slim chance I had left of getting a knighthood. They cost so much these days anyway, one simply can’t afford it….but after this next bit, I severely doubt whether the offer would ever be forthcoming. There follows a direct quote from a Telegraph article of two days ago:
‘Prince Charles takes a close interest in the work of the Secret Services. He presented what will become annual awards for espionage excellence, officially known as the Prince of Wales’s Intelligence Community Awards.’
So if you’ve ever speculated that the heir to the Throne knows something we don’t, you have a degree of confirmation there that Chuck knows one helluva lot more than probably most politicians. You may also wonder if, in a Parliamentary democracy where the Head of State enjoys a largely dignitary role, the future Charles III should be dishing out gongs to spooks right left and centre. For every pro quo, as they say, there may well by at least a quid in it for someone.
“Twas ever thus,” I hear you mutter. But in this instance, you would be quite wrong: last year, Charles Windsor became the royal patron of all three main intelligence agencies. And that is the first time in history it’s happened.
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" Kate, Pippa and Carole Middleton seen at Manolo Blahnik today.. overheard asking if they carried shoes for cloven hooves. "
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2013, 08:58:31 pm »

Whatever upchuck is up to can not be good for the monarchy or his mother.
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I come from a long line of Monarchists.

« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2013, 02:11:46 am »

  Meddling tool of a man .

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