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Author Topic: British Royalty - Conspiracy Theories and Cover-Ups  (Read 2998 times)
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« on: March 23, 2013, 10:31:08 pm »

A place to air favourite conspiracy theories and cover-ups. sly

I don't buy into all the current theories but there are plenty of unpleasant and inconvenient things being covered up with the Royals.  Here are my ideas:

Kate and William are not as happy together as the RF would like us to believe.  William resents the loss of his freedom and Kate is finding the realities of royal life don't match her fantasies.  They bicker and compete with each other.  They may be having counselling and Kate having mentoring in how to behave as a royal, or just how to behave generally. 

William has some psychological or social behaviour problem, possibly mild Asperger's, which has been diagnosed.  Evidence for this is in the reports of his awkward and sometimes offensive approaches to girls and of his inability to extricate himself from a relationship he apparently no longer wanted.  If he has such a problem it's not his fault but the RF has a poor record of supporting anyone in the family with mental health problems.  He would be vulnerable and ill-equipped to cope with a manipulative family such as the Midds appear to be. 

Alternatively, William is gay or sexually ambivalent.  He knows he has to fulfil expectations by marrying and producing an heir and the Midds know this.  The whole 'romance' has been plotted and planned with Kate's cultivating a boy-like thinness as part of the plan. 

The Middletons' finances may not bear close scrutiny.  Uncle Gary could be involved in supporting their lifestyle.   Michael Midd could be a freemason and using these contacts to keep his business affairs under cover. 

'Minor royals' were reportedly among the visitors to the residential school for girls identified in the Jimmy Savile enquiry.  In the documentary which started the whole debate the presenter was speaking of his visits to the school as a child when his aunt was in charge.  He referred to a constant stream of celebrities and minor royals going in and out of what was an 'approved school'  -  an institution for vulnerable girls who had been sent there by the courts. He asked why celebrities and royals would be there?  I'd like to know who they were.  Who were the minor royals in the 1970's? 

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« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2013, 12:23:06 pm »

Who were the 'minor royals' in the 1970s?

Looking at the line of succession in 1970 with ages they turned in 1970 attached:

HRH The Prince of Wales - aged 22
HRH The Princess Anne - aged 20
HRH The Prince Andrew - aged 10
HRH The Prince Edward - aged 6
HRH The Princess Margaret - aged 40
David Armstrong-Jones - aged 8
Sarah Armstrong-Jones - aged 6
HRH The Duke of Gloucester - aged 70
HRH Prince William of Gloucester - aged 29
HRH Prince Richard of Gloucester - aged 26
HRH The Duke of Kent - aged 35
The Earl of St Andrews - aged 8
Lady Helen Windsor - aged 6
Lord Nicholas Windsor - born 1970
HRH Prince Michael of Kent - aged 28
HRH Princess Alexandra
James Ogilvy - aged 6
Marina Ogilvy - aged 4

Additional consideration -

HRH Prince Philip - aged 49
Lord Snowdon - aged 40
Angus Ogilvy - aged 42

So who would be classed as 'minor royals'?

The present Dukes of Gloucester and Kent and Prince Michael, along with the late Duke of Gloucester and Prince William. The others would be the husbands of Princesses Margaret and Alexandra. The rest of the adult royals we think of today were either still children, not yet born or hardly in the 'minor royal' category.

The only other living HRH at the time was the Duke of Windsor - died 1972.
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I come from a long line of Monarchists.

« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2013, 11:50:20 pm »

      Lord Louis Mountbatten ...  shifty

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« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2013, 06:03:02 pm »

"Edward VIII's Murderous Mistress"

There is a programme on tonight about a royal cover up. It's on 4seven at 9.00 pm and is about a mistress of Edward V111 who allegedly murdered her husband.

Documentary exploring the story behind an affair Edward VIII is said to have had before becoming king and the repercussions when the woman involved later found herself in court facing the gallows. The programme investigates claims that there was an Establishment cover-up to protect the future king's reputation, as well as save the life of his supposed former mistress Marguerite Meller when she was charged with murdering her husband in 1923
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« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2013, 06:16:46 pm »

^ Watched it a couple of weeks ago - very interesting indeed and a huge establishment cover up. Not my words the words of the people telling the tale. I'll leave it at that.

" Kate, Pippa and Carole Middleton seen at Manolo Blahnik today.. overheard asking if they carried shoes for cloven hooves. "
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