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Author Topic: And some more family pic's from old times.  (Read 969 times)
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« on: June 01, 2012, 12:21:10 pm »

I'm I the only one getting slightly fed up with these type of articles?  bored3
Don't get me wrong the pic's are cool and funny in a sweet way but this is what.. the tenth article like it?
I'd rather have them bundle all these old b/w family pic's in one big book then spread them over 50 different articles! (I'd buy that book for sure! Same with rarer diana pic's bundle them in a book sell it and the money should go to a charity or the preservation of the palaces for example)

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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2012, 02:01:19 pm »

 thumbsup They Are trying real hard to sell the "We are a family just like yours" thing. The human side of the Monarchy. Everyone knows they try to undercut each other all the time.  blink
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2012, 03:10:45 pm »

^ laugh So True , everybody in that family ( with the exception of Harry) is working hard in putting themselves first.
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