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Author Topic: Kate with C&C visit Dulwich Picture Gallery - March 15  (Read 16630 times)
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serene grace
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« Reply #80 on: March 17, 2012, 03:13:57 pm »

Personally I hope she keeps doing what she is doing ; keep on loosing weight,wearing short tight clothes,flicking her hair, making unintelligent conversation  working as little as she can get away with,flirting with cameras,spending more time shopping etc.Afterall the press and her keep telling her how fantastic she is doing.The rest of us can watch this entertainment.
I agree let her! thumbsup

If he wants to leave the line of succession he should and not dither someplace leaving his wife to appear with other members of the RF.) There is something truly odd going on behind the scenes here.

I think this man rushed into this marrigae because the Climbers have some videos or something of him doing Ds' and could damage his reputation.I think he was blackmailed and didn't marry Lazy because of the press and I think he is making her pay for it somehow I think deep down he loathes this woman!

I think that when William hits thirty and his princey genes kick in will the fun REALLY begin; he looks disgusted with her already and when he returns to yet another mess, he will end up hitting the roof.  

 thumbsup He does look bored with her sometimes, I'll never forget the look he gave her in Denmark  when she responded to the starving children question.
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Kuei Fei
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« Reply #81 on: March 17, 2012, 04:49:52 pm »

One thing I do know, is that his Princey genes kicked in slightly after the wedding and will come back in full when the Jubilee festivites peak in June; he knows how important this is, even if his dolt wife doesn't. If she gets it wrong or does something stupid, he will make her suffer for it, because the RF will make HIM suffer for it.

As for the picture gallery, this is something normal people do in  their spare time all the time.

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