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Author Topic: MM's spending habits criticized  (Read 1397 times)
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Kuei Fei
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« on: January 13, 2012, 12:26:52 am »

SPIRITUAL Highness: Princess Mette-Marit has been spiritual. Therefore, she uses one hundred thousand in jewelry Justin Bieber and other celebrities have.

Mette-Marit is a spiritual Buddhist. Or an expensive trend elf.

Last time I saw Mette-Marit was on a Christmas concert at the Palace. I was invited by er in-law's. Sonja wanted even welcome. Because of space limitations, they had most of us attend the TV couch, but she assured that it was so nice to be able to ask all of us to his house.

A was held in cooperation with the Crown Princess's Fund, which supports multiple projects for disadvantaged youth. Many of them were in the audience. It is probably the part of the job as Crown Prince Haakon call meaningful, a condition he asked to go into the family business. He had to make a difference, and then charged him not to minister every Friday, but it to help people who are worse off than himself. In practice, the vast majority. Historically, it is not part of the royal job description, but as it is emptied of content, the big European family found new tasks. Prince Charles have the card waiting time with charity, organic farming and polo, but despite that he spoke with plants, he was surpassed by Diana who set a new standard in royal double. She saved the world during the day and took it by storm in the evening.

Though that poverty and suffering can be glamorous. One can engage in charity and mingle with celebrities and rich people at the same time. You can dress in haute couture that could be funded an entire village for a year and still be very against poverty. One can be for renewable energy and still promote oil in corrupt countries. You can, as Mette-Marit, use ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and jewelry, if it only has a meaning.

When Mette-Marit wear a necklace of half a million is not because she is a fashion victim in the luxury class and a royal trend Santa Claus, but that Shamballa Jewels has a spiritual dimension. Shamballa is the name of a mythical kingdom in the Himalayas, the Tibetan monks come when they die, according to Tibetan Buddhism. a utopian PLACE for the elect. Much like the Palace after renovation. Even Justin Bieber realize that this is cool. But Mette-Marit is not a pop star. Both he and other stars have thrown the clothes and accessories by themselves in the hope that they will create a trend. Diana barely paid for his own underwear. I hope that Mette-Marit will pay what it costs, but in this case may Skaugum need a visit from "Star Trap."

She is frequently dressed in dresses as possible covered by apanasjen. I suspect that it is not the case, unless the rumors of a hidden royal wealth is true and they waste away on designer dresses and spiritual jewelry. Harald is avspist with an old jacket. Over class has always been charitable in nice clothes. Charity was invented to give them something to do. They were bored. In modern times, rich people continue the tradition, and something must crown the couple get to the speeches and entertainment. However popular it is not. Politicians had not tolerated it.

They can not talk about poverty, tear-jerking one moment and wallow in luxury the other. People would call it hypocrisy and double standards. When the royal do, rolled the dice six for a flight end designer dress. Tibetan monk is fortunately not concerned about money.

The Danish jewelry designers exploit them and take all the profits. You must be a celebrity or royalty to believe it is spiritual. But spirituality should be completely free.   :blink:

Found this on another forum and I brought it over here.

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