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Author Topic: Books on jewellery  (Read 1940 times)
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« on: September 08, 2011, 06:03:40 am »

Okay you ladies know that I went to London recently right?
Well I kinda.. sorta went on a shopping spree in the bookshops on charring cross (oopsy! hall-whistle)
And I found some über pretty books on royal jewellery  Spooky-bat
They are big, heavy and full of colour pic's (as soon as I have the time I'll scan some of the rarer ones to post them)

Tiara's a history of splendour by Geoffrey C Munn, (you can knock out a horse with that one it's bloody heavy!) 450 pages of sparkling pretty headdresses from all around the world  sigh

Crown jewellery and regalia of the world by René Bruss, lists all the crown jewels of every country that ever had such items, (never mind if the countries are republics now or no longer exist) if they had a RF once the crown jewels are in here! From Russia to Lesotho and from Japan to Mexico it's all in this book.

Jewels of the Tsars by Prince Michael of Greece, name says it all really, Russian bling and what happened to them after the revolution.

Queens jewels by Vincent Meylan, Discusses the family jewels from the Bonapartes to the Romanovs to the Windsors and others. The most famous pieces are described in detail and photographed throughout their history.

Royal Fabergé by Caroline the Guitaut, the book that came out together with the temporary expo of the pieces in BP, it is the guide for the show, gives detailed info and history on each piece and tells you how it ended up in the Royal collection.
I always loved Fabergé but to see those magnificent piece 'life' is unbelievable! 'swoon' They are so beautiful, fragile and detailed.. just WOW!  flirt
The thing that most of the pictures can't capture is the delicacy of the pieces because they use close-ups of the item to show the details, you forget the dimensions of it! Most of them are very small delicate objects of true mastership in the art of goldsmitting.
If you have the chance to see the expo .. GO! (plus the state rooms of BP in which they are presenting it are pretty cool as well   easter-wink sigh)

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« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2015, 12:37:56 am »

Just finding this old thread. Sounds like you had a very 84 Charing Cross Road experience of London bookshops. Keep one suitcase empty just for the books. I did that one year when I visited NYC.

Good list of titles to start a reading list for the new year. The Bruss one sounds especially good.

I own the Munn book, but none of the others. I've gathered a small collection of Faberge ones including Faberge's Eggs by Faber and Faberge Lost and Found The Recently Discovered Jewelry Designs from the St. Petersburg Archives by Snowman

I have the exhibit book from the sparkly Cartier exhibit that was in North America earlier this year. I keep watching for an inexpensive copy of The Queen's Jewels by Field. I've read it, so my overflowing bookcase can probably do without it for now. My favorite spot at library book sales is the Art book table, which is where I scored two Faberge books.

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« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2017, 09:53:31 pm »

The Queen's Jewels by Leslie Field   
This book includes stories and pictures of jewels worn by members of the royal family for over 200 years.

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