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Question: Yay or nay on Scottish independency
Yes we should become our own country with all the right's and duty's that come with it. (new currency, different state of head, etc)
Yes, but I'd like to keep the £ as money and HM as head of state.
No, stay in the UK but give more responsibilities/right to the Scottish ppl
No, everything should stay as it is
I don't know enough about this to cast a decent vote
I don't care

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Author Topic: Scottish Independence  (Read 52384 times)
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« Reply #660 on: March 17, 2017, 01:50:12 pm »

^ Walter Bagehot famously wrote in his 1867 book on the English Constitution that the monarch has three rights; the right to be consulted (on proposed Government legislation), the right to encourage and the right to warn.

The Queen can also suggest certain courses that could be taken, especially if there is an impasse. She sees the PM weekly, sometimes more if there is a crisis, and they discuss proposed legislation and other matters. She does not have the right though to insist on any course of action or try and use undue persuasion to get the result she wants. She certainly wouldn't be proposing to the PM or any other government minister that the government hold referendums for whatever cause.

The Queen does have certain reserve powers, but these are very rarely used. In the end she is bound by the decisions made by the Government of the day. She signs those bills into law which have passed through Parliament (whatever her personal views on them.) They arrive in her red boxes wherever she happens to be, and she attends to them almost every day of her life.
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« Reply #661 on: March 17, 2017, 06:33:42 pm »

This forum is like a fascinating history lesson.

Thank you Rosella. your post is much appreciated.  flower Hi
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I come from a long line of Monarchists.

« Reply #662 on: March 19, 2017, 10:59:50 pm »

  The Queen has never made her political views known......   Charles should have learned from her.  stop    Mark Bolland is quoted "Concerning Charles's views, Bolland said that he "...routinely meddled in political issues and wrote sometimes in extreme terms to ministers, MP's and others in positions of political power and influence...The prince used all the means of communication at his disposal, including meetings with ministers and others, speeches and correspondence with leaders in all walks of life and politicians. He was never party-political, but to argue that he was not political was difficult...These letters were not merely routine and non-controversial...but written at times in extreme terms...containing his views on political matters and individual politicians at home and abroad and on international issues...I remember on many occasions seeing in these day files letters which, for example, denounced the elected leaders of other countries in extreme terms, and other such highly politically sensitive correspondence".

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