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Author Topic: Chosen to be Princess Kate Middleton  (Read 1100 times)
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Fernanda Nunes
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« on: April 19, 2011, 04:51:06 pm »

Chosen to be Princess Kate Middleton
"Teach" singles to give well
British commoner marries Prince William on the 29th April in London

Among the millions of women, Prince William of Wales, son of Prince Charles and grandson of Queen Elizabeth, the commoner Kate Middleton chose to be his princess. When you see one of the most coveted guys leaving the team in the world of singles, many fans may be wondering how she managed to win the heart of the heir to the British crown?

The answer may lie in some steps that Kate Middleton has taken since his adolescence, when William had a poster in his room and dreamed of one day marrying the young eldest son of Charles and Princess Diana.

The site of the U.S. television network ABC has listed what it calls the "7 Rules for a Real Romance," all based on not only about the two most balado of recent times, but also with research on the complicated world of relationships.

See step-by-step to find your prince.

1-First are friends: Before an engagement, exotic travel, ballads, Prince William and Kate Middleton were friends when they met at the University of St. Andrews. According to Katie Nicholl, a journalist who covers the royals leg The Daily Mail, the two met for the first time in the campus cafeteria. It was there that William saw Kate and took the first steps to introduce it in your circle of friends. Despite Kate's dating a boy at the time the fourth year friendship with William grew and the two shared moments of fun and study.

2-Be fair: One of the most important things in a real romance is always to be loyal. Throughout the period of the relationship with William, including disruptions, Kate has always been loyal to the prince and never spoke with the press. When they left St. Andrews and moved to London, the girlfriend of Crown Prince was the main target of the media situation with which she handled very well.

3-Share a cohesive group of friends: An important part of any real romance is to have a cohesive group of friends. You can not socialize with people that might reveal their secrets, or open the game on a night out with her real boyfriend with the press. This point was one of the most important in the discretion with which William and Kate have handled that like ballads alongside friends, always hand-picked

4-Have something in common: Who ever heard that old adage of the "couples who play together stay together?" When you're dating someone of royalty, good to have things in common with its suitor. In the case of William and Kate, both enjoy playing tennis and swimming. If you do not nurture my interests, try to learn something new. Kate learned to shoot, all to get a little more in the world of the prince. The couple also likes to ski, a hobby that has performed on several occasions.

5-Be yourself: After the University, already in London, Kate and William have always been under the spotlight. They traveled to exotic places, like the night at trendy clubs, all under the public eye being photographed exhaustion. It was then that the sense of style Kate Middleton has become noticed by the press, which aimed to find out what she liked to wear, for example. The label Issa, the Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel, helped in building the proper image of Kate to the public.

6 - Absence makes the heart grow fonder: In a real romance, you can follow the press following every step, in good times and my moments. Rather than go home and cry, Kate tried to enjoy the most hyped ballads, always looking confident after a few days of disruptions with Prince William. According to British media, the message to the heir to the throne was clear: "See what you're missing." Herself Kate recalled in an interview with ITN Channel that she was not happy at the time, but this period helped learn more about herself.

7-Find the definition for love: It is very easy to fall in love if you have the perfect setting, as the University of St. Andrews, where Kate and William met. The picturesque town of Scotland, birthplace of golf. It was there, in a student environment, that the novel unfolded. According to journalist Kate Nicholl, the lack of night life for students at St. Andrews helped to build many relationships, as potential groups of couples were born very close together and students.

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Kuei Fei
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« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2011, 02:53:05 am »

The difference is that a lot fo women in love are not as calculating as she has been. This hasn't been a romance, but a game of eternal skill and calculation. She also had the press on her side and as this list points out, she followed a step by step program to snag him.

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