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Author Topic: Look what you're marrying into, Kate  (Read 857 times)
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« on: March 13, 2011, 12:34:46 am »

Look what you're marrying into, Kate
Never mind the bride-to-be's 'dodgy' uncle. He's very small beer compared with all the Windsors' goings-on
To put it mildly, the career of Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Kate Middleton, has had its ups and downs, leading to fears that the presence of Uncle Gary – Gary! – would cast a distinctly rough and common-looking shadow over the royal wedding. Could the tattooed proprietor of La Maison de Bang Bang, Mr Goldsmith's home in Ibiza, be trusted, for instance, to mingle responsibly with guests including the Sultans of Bahrain and Oman? Would he undo all the good work of The King's Speech?

As if the commoner Middletons were not worrying enough to royal scholars such as James Whitaker, there had to be a risk that Goldsmith, a property developer, might, with his record of upstart hedonism actively contaminate an occasion featuring a King of Saudi Arabia, their Tonganese highnesses and the hardly less eminent royal broadcaster, ITN's Tom Bradby. Goldsmith's failings were not, like the Middletons' table manners, a matter for nervous conjecture, they had been recorded on tape by the News of the World's fake sheikh, posing on that occasion as a businessman. Goldsmith had vouchsafed, for example, that his first words to Prince William when the latter came to stay in the Bang Bang, were: "Oi, you fucker, did you break my glass pyramids?" (Mr Goldsmith collects glass pyramids.)

Oh yes Selling Illegal Drugs is nothing compared to be associated with a known sex offender.  Both Uncles IMO have done damage.  Drugs KILL people.  Selling Prostitues being a Pimp is nothing to sneeze at  thumbsdown thumbsdown
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« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2011, 12:49:13 am »

The columnist looks like Carole  nervous that is why she see Uncle Gary as an angel.I see none of them to be proud,still Prince Andrew can stop have contact with sex offender and recover his image while Uncle Gary can't have his image clean back because he lives for it,is his job.

Prince Andrew is not the criminal but his friend.Uncle Gary don't need a friend criminal because he is the criminal.

"Only do what your heart tells you."
- Princess Diana

‎"There is no civilization living today which did not originate in the work and effort of Monarchy"
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