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 on: Today at 02:29:29 pm 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by dianab
Mountbatten was a big influence in that family. it was his idea that doc in 1970s where the windsors looked like a out of touch bunch - liz got badly criticized. He was the mentor of Charles, someone who had much influence over Charles. I've never read any indication that Charles could marry a non-virgin. In 1970s he was very into a official girlfriend who many said he'll marry her, then was outed a former boyfriend and charles dumped her. janet jenkins said she knew charles had real feelings for her but marry her will be a big no no, as she was no virgin and they had a intimate relations. And Diana's uncle said she was definitely a virgin. To me, one thing is obvious he married diana out his duty to crown. He was utterly miserable during that wedding. He'd never any intention of let Camilla go. Those gifts they exchanged at eve of his wedding says THEY intend continue their affair and they thought of diana as a ideal mouse. Then Diana become a big star, I think Charles always loathed Diana because that. After their early Australian tour, i'm sure he wanted gave up on that marriage and probably wanted Diana interned as a crazy woman. IMO Charles is a vindictive and narcissistic creature.

 on: Today at 02:27:55 pm 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by lesken
 thumbsup You said it!

 on: Today at 02:26:54 pm 
Started by buflesse - Last post by Little light
That last paragraph, KF, sums up Pippa succinctly.  It's her fatal flaw, her hamartia. (A fatal flaw of a hero/ine which leads to their downfall).

I've said it before, but if she used half her energy that she used chasing a man to get a ring on her finger to pursue her own career, she'd be independently wealthy, respected and accepted in her own right.

And she wouldn't need to rely on a man and his whims to enjoy the lifestyle she lives now. Plus it would give her economic and therefore emotional freedom to enjoy her life. Why emotional freedom? If things didn't work out between her and her other half, she'd have the money to leave and live her life on her own terms. And she'd still get to keep all of the money she had honestly earned.

Instead she chased a title, lost it, (Percy family), then married James. She may well be happy, but I'm sure she'd be happier with an old title, not a recently purchased one.

Just my 2 cents' worth.

 on: Today at 01:23:22 pm 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by Snowpea
IMO, the leaked  pictures of an event in KP should be a security risk as it’s the home of Wills; the 2nd heir. There’s a reason why the press was band and if a person was authorized to take pictures, it’s still a mystery how they got out. T

This is such pr bs. Harry’s lost weight and his spark and doesn’t look happy at all with his narc wife. There’s no future of the monarchy with this woman in it as she’s a celebrity who’s only about bringing attention to herself. Harry’s now reduced to her level. What’s sad is that another thing’s being taken away from him by Wills is cyber bullying. Wills is out today giving a speech on the subject and going after Facebook for facilitating fake news.
Prince Charles is ‘BIG FAN’ of Meghan Markle - expert reveals THIS is why
Charles - who celebrated his 70th birthday this week - likes the Duchess of Sussex because she makes Prince Harry happy, according to royal television producer Nick Bullen.

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Bullen said: “From what I know, he is a big fan of Meghan Markle. He just wants his boys to be happy.

“He knows those boys have had a rough life with his marriage falling apart in front of the whole world.
“And Meghan is making Harry very happy. And that makes the Prince of Wales happy.

"He wants what every father would want for their son.”

Mr Bullen added that Charles believes Meghan is “part of the monarchy’s future”.

The royal producer said: “And he can also see she’s good for the family.
“She’s great-looking, she’s really clever, she loves Prince Harry, she’s brilliant on stage - she’s a great asset to the family.

“She’s part of the monarchy’s future and he knows it.”

Speaking to Fox News. Figures. No legitimate network would listen to such nonsense and drivel.

^ I think they got somebody like the Queen mother - a deceptive, privately nasty, vindictive and gin-soaked (pick your booze,etc) operator who wants the world to think she's something she's not. Ruthless and not all she's cracked up to be.

 on: Today at 01:22:08 pm 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by Snowpea
Roast Chicken. My bad.  tehe

What are they doing with true experts in mental health?  bored3 H & M have no business in that area.

 on: Today at 01:14:14 pm 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by CarryingOn
^ I've read that before. I've never agreed with Diana'a assessment of that situation and I think she came to the wrong conclusion. A man willing to cheat on you and disregard your feelings and needs to go play with a mistress doesn't automatically mean it's because he loves her, even if he doesn't love you. It just means that person is selfish and the other person indulging their actions is selfish also and there's common ground in their selfishness and narcissism. I care what Charles actions say and they never said love in my book.

At the end of the day there was no true impediment to his being with nor marrying Camilla. He was a grown man and his uncle wasn't the Queen. I've still never heard any real and especially good reason as to why he was so supposedly so afraid of Charles growing attached to Camilla. It wasn't considered a crime in that time to not be a virgin at marriage, so unless she was a h0 that had gone around with everyone in town or was doing porn then it makes no sense. The only other possible reason I can think of is that Mountbatten saw himself, long before any of the rest of us, that his nephew wasn't all there and spotted Camilla as a person who would exploit that. Other than that, I draw a blank and there was no true impediment Charles marrying Camilla if he had really wanted to be with her. He very well could've fought for her. Regardless he went into the navy and obviously did not ask her to wait for him as she married someone else.

I do agree that Camilla is a consequence of the person he truly is, which says so much and so little at the same time.

 on: Today at 12:14:45 pm 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by windsor2
Revealed: The subtle tweaks Meghan's made to her hair as it thickens during pregnancy - and why she may follow in sister-in-law Kate’s footsteps and get a chop after giving birth
* Meghan stepped out sporting subtle changes to hair on Remembrance Sunday
* The pregnant Duchess had shorter layers around the front lengths of her tresses
* An expert told FEMAIL he believes it is to thin out her hair during pregnancy
* Pregnant women get thicker hair as their hair cycle stops until they give birth
Ottaviani, Verona, Italy, 8 minutes ago
Its called getting your extensions removed

Jolli Roger, Somewhere in this mad world, United Kingdom, 26 minutes ago
Her hair is really awful, lank, stringy, greasy looking and if its a wig or extensions then you'd think she could better ones, it looks like acrylic.

desertdwllr, London expat now Torquay VIC, Australia, 41 minutes ago
That's not her real hair, DM. Any excuse to run an article on this woman.

 on: Today at 11:34:54 am 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by dianab
One thing that unnerves me and almost frightens me is how Camilla seems relentless in her campaign against Diana. It's like Diana seemed to have personally offended her by marrying Charles and having two sons and continuing to be remembered in positive ways. Camilla wanted to insert herself into the memorial ceremony (thankfully that got quashed) and Camilla has done all she can to make Diana out to be this demon of selfishness and sexual promiscuity. I imagine it cut deep being deemed only fit to be a sidepiece, but Camilla would have been able to end it for good somehow and just live her quiet life in the countryside. I am certain that it wouldn't be prestigious, but it would be something that would lend her respectability and it would enable her to have her husband and life with her children and her undemanding country life.

I've never even read anything real or made up that points to them ever having been in a serious relationship. She was just someone who was always around and made herself available. Charles was never going to choose Camilla because Charles didn't see Camilla as marriage material. He went off into the navy and obviously didn't even ask her to wait for him because she went off and married someone else.
It was Mountbatten who sent Charles to sea in 1970s, he was worried that Charles had got too serious/attached to Camilla and didnt like that... obviously it didnt work out, karma made he dies and Camilla become the most important influence in his life, which Mountbatten use to be. From all the accounts Camilla was shamelessly in love with Andrew Parker Boles and wanted him in any way, then she used Charles to get his attention. I think if Charles ever truly loved a woman it was Camilla, in late 1970s he was emotionally and sexually very much into her, and had left kanga behind because of camilla. Diana herself said Charles loved Camilla.

BASHIR: And with a husband who was having a relationship with somebody else?

DIANA: With a husband who loved someone else, yes.

Charles is a cad in his own right IMO Camilla is just a consequence of the person he truly is

 on: Today at 08:57:02 am 
Started by dianab - Last post by Alexandrine
The other day I was reading old marjorie posts and she nailed it about Harry having a difficult relationship with QE during this time.

 on: Today at 05:37:33 am 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by Kuei Fei
^^ I agree. He would have picked Camilla originally if he wanted to do so. This malarky about her 'having a past' that's now used as spin to now to explain why they couldn't marry then, in the cruel cruel days of the 60s, speaks volumes. I contend that she was likely a good time, a fun girlfriend. 

If Charles had wanted, it could have been spun as the Prince marrying the earthy, energetic, spunky country girl from the gentry. It would ironically be a lot more of a realistic fairy tale and no one would have thought it bad just because Camilla was just plain and not glamorous. I am dead sure that it would have lent a more calming effect and while it wouldn't have suited the tabloids, it would have at least given more stability and Camilla would have blended right in. Her past could have been brushed out and no one would have spoken about her past to the press for fear of incurring Charles' wrath. Instead however Charles kept her dangling and frankly she never inspired much out of him other than base lust and she stayed by fulfilling his trashiest sex fantasies.

^^^ and ^ Camilla will never be the Princess of Wales. I have no doubt that the aristos will make Charles' life a living misery if he pushes for Camilla to be Queen Consort. I believe that role was associated with Diana, with a future many believe was stolen from her at least in part via her husband's duplicity, and the scheming nature of a mistress who didn't respect her monarchy enough to leave well enough alone.

If he does that, makes Camilla Queen Consort and has her anointed and crowned, I am dead sure it'll cost him the support of the aristocracy. As it is I'm certain they're seething at how Camilla first undermined Diana, then overthrew Diana, and then proceeded to drive Diana out of society and then out of the country and then proceeded to desecrate Diana's memory almost as quickly as possible. THEN she tried to push to the memorial service and slam Diana even after getting the wedding ring. Then she keeps oit up and for some reason just won't stop or let up.

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