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 on: Today at 08:56:01 pm 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by Alexandrine
This topic has been moved to The Yorks.

 on: Today at 08:45:21 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Val

QE's head in the sand attitude in not dealing with the situation will contribute to the inevitable and predicted end to the Monarchy.

 on: Today at 08:02:43 pm 
Started by dianab - Last post by HRH Tiana of NOLA

 on: Today at 07:38:37 pm 
Started by Mia - Last post by Countess of Holland
Agreed and I think that that person had more support than Letizia who had to deal with her father-in-law's disapproval. And I know from my own experience that that can be very daunting. The mother of my former boyfriend was quite clear that she felt I wasn't good enough for her son, she had wanted her son to hook up with the daughter of one of her tennis-friends.
And that disapproval ate me up, and that is just at a regular family who is not covered by the press and I didn't have to work with her, she wasn't my 'boss'.

I think that it is one of the reasons why I have a soft spot for Letizia. I admire her for how she has handled it all and how she is holding herself, both as Princess of Asturias and now as Queen.

BTW When it comes to body language, the world of the Borbons and the Cambridges couldn't be further apart. Whenever King Felipe looks at his wife and talks to her, he has a smile (sometimes big, sometimes a faint smile) on his face. Whenever William looks at Kate, he has clenched jaws.

 on: Today at 07:31:02 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Countess of Holland
^^I think we can forget the Queen taking action. She is notorious for not taking action or at least wait for it for ages. The RF is petrified that the days of the War of the Wales' and the days after Diana's death will return and they will bend over backwards to the Middletons to make sure it won't happen.
If something is to be done about the odious Middletons, it will be under King Charles III (or whatever regnal name he will choose) but not sooner.

 on: Today at 06:32:17 pm 
Started by Mia - Last post by gingerboy24
I think she has done a grand job, and especially since becoming Queen Letizia.  She mades a few mistakes with her clothes, but then who doesn´t.  Overall she has done incredibly well and, for me, comes across as regal without being uppity about it.  I admire her, she does her best, she tries, and that is more than some else I could mention...

 on: Today at 06:28:31 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by gingerboy24
 Oops, meant to say in my post two above, end of first line, council cath not glamorous  -  having said that council caro is not either.   easter-lol easter-lol

 on: Today at 06:12:25 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Kuei Fei
ITA YouGoGirlsign goodpost

I'm not sure what fiendish delights the courtiers fantasize about, but I HOPE HM has the guts to punish Kate one way or another. There is ZERO excuse for something like this and frankly, if I were around Kate regularly, I would be on edge and tense.

Kate strikes me as one of those unstable, testy types that'll go haywire on a person over the smallest thing.

Their problem is that nowadays we all see through, know which direction the nastiness is coming from, and why.  In effect, all she is doing is digging herself a deeper hole all the time.  Coucil caro is not glamorous, not by a long shot, and that cosmetic surgery she keeps having is turning her face into something awful, changed beyond recognition, and not for the better.  How would she like it if the tables were turned.  Not one of us have had anything to do with how we look, our features are there when we are born.  If council caro got this article on the go then people in glass houses should not throw stones.  Pa medd not exactly good looking, council caro looks as mean and nasty as they come, cupcake looks away with the fairs and is a very unattractive shemale, orangine looks as though she had a fight with the back of a bus and the bus won.  Fester not exactly good looking either is he, another ugly bug.  To call the Yorks out like this, in public and with such venom is unnecessary and just so nasty and vile it is untrue  -  I read it and it made my blood boil.  They took bullying from her, put up with her nastiness, and now she is turning the tables.  Council cath has never made any effort with the rf, not even before the engaement, and even less now, and getting worse all the time.  Thumbing her nose up and traditions going back centuries, disrespectufl at the Cenotaph, refuses to learn any royal etiquette whatsoever, flashing her nake lady bits to the world.  Just who do coulcil cath and caro think they are, that they can try and belittle the Yorks, or anyone else for that matter.  They are not the ones bringing the monarchy down the ugly bug meddledoom family are..

I do hope HM hauls her and coouncil caro over the coals for this, they have to be behind it, nobody else would want to be that vicious towards them.  As for the old bruiser who wrote the article, she should also be ashamed of herself, she needs to look at herself long and hard in front of a mirror, she most certainly lives in a glass house and deserves to have stones thrown at it.  Hope she does not rely on her journalism for an income, she has done herself a great disservice with this article, and I for one have minus zero sympathy for her.

I swear that woman is nothing but trouble and can't seem to stop making trouble.

First, the Yorkies are blood princesses and while that might not seem to be much in terms of succession, but they were there first in William's life and I don't believe that somehow they're somehow less worthy than Kate and her dippy husband. Second, they aren't causing half the messes that Kate and William has and since WK are higher up, the messes that Kate and William make have a more damaging effect on the monarchy. Third, Kate has to be the only member of the BRF since Fergie who has made so many enemies and frankly can't seem to stop causing trouble all the time. One thing after another comes from that woman and still, Kate and her DM toadies bash the Yorkies and anyone else who doesn't lick Kate's boots.

Out of the entire RF, the Yorkies have caused HM the LEAST trouble and have really gotten it together.

 on: Today at 06:03:00 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Little light
I think that article was, to  steal a phrase from someone else, "the longest suicide note ever written".

And I think they, the Medds, will regret it.

We can choose our friends but not our family, so it would have been in the Medds' interest to cultivate friendship within the BRF as it would, or might, have paid dividends in the long term. But as always with that family, it is always about themselves. NOBODY else matters.

 I hope they are dealt with severely.,

 on: Today at 05:56:46 pm 
Started by beline - Last post by HRH Tiana of NOLA
Oscar really favors Queen Silvia.

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