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 on: Today at 08:40:55 am 
Started by Princess Alucard - Last post by Kuei Fei
No matter how pleasant the weather, I am sure that there will be a risk of lightening being sent from the sky; this is so borderline blasphemous. Even Wallis Simpson didn't wear virginal white when she married the abdicated Edward VIII, she had that much decency.

 on: Today at 08:19:30 am 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by camilapitanga
Well said carrying on  thumbsup U said it all shes stuck and depressed coz she Always been depressive ( people dont develop depression overnight i agree) and also coz she hope na ilusion to tunr out to become truth.Thats why honestlly i dont feel anything for her besides pitty.She could be happy and had a wonderfull life if she married someone else and there she is alone, depressed, desperate and living in a cage depending on others and theyre opinions.THis will ear her alive for the rest of her life until she dies or worst kills herself.

I dont like understimating people especially not a middleton  laugh
But i cant see kate turning this page and taking the lead.Maybe she does who knows.But as many has said and i believe it even george will turn against her at some point.Not coz hes bad or coz she is but coz i believe same way shes with william (psycotic and controller) she will be with her kids.And that will only makes them distance themselves from her.I also believe even with try from the midds to keep the kids close to them it will backfire at some point.Theyre royals and they will at some poing will want to take the lead of this aspect on theyre lifes.Not that is bad but i dont see kids choosing the bad side of theyre lifes if they can have the good one.Unless theyre brainwashed.And even with this brainwshe i dont beleiev it will happen.These kids will o the best schoold, attend the creme de la creme of sociaty.I think ufnrotunatelly if there wont be any miracle they will be the worst combination o both theyre parents.George will be or amazing ( a miracle still will have his flaws and deifnatelly be very disturbed child for many reasons especually coz he will grow up knowing he will have to take the responsibiloity fo everyone and everything) or he will be the worst kinda of kid royal that ever existed  Shocked

Lets hope for the best but then again is clear to se whats goin on in opinion at least.On everyones sides.

 on: Today at 08:05:51 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by cate1949
agree totally Cam-  she told me everything I needed to know about her when she pulled that stunt with the phoney text books at that memorial service - showed how calculating and cold she is .  It is all a strategy for her - nothing is out of bounds.

she does think she is so superior - that was obvious with the garbage that came out after the break up - calling Harry cheap
trying to portray herself as this great intellectual and Harry an illiterate.  That absurd op ed from her mother's friend Seward saying that Harry couldn't get anything better than Cressie - they think they are really better than all.

 on: Today at 08:05:26 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by kolkomilko
So perhaps that's why someone leaked the photo about the Midds at the airport. They came back and perhaps Willy was there, too.

 on: Today at 08:02:35 am 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by camilapitanga
I think william is having na affair as he has done many times while dating kate.My opinion.But i dont think is with this girl at all.She just not his type.Not being mean but shes not as atractive as any girls william was ever linked shes also a bit overweight and thats defiatelly not wills style  bignono
Unless he has weird side he hides (some mens does anyway they go in public with a certain kinda of women but enjoys the opposite in secret yeah weird but happens a lot) and inetad of anorexic girls he seems to like in public he goes for the chubby old looking ones in private.It can happen actually.

But i doubt whathever "type" of women he would choose he would go for someone so close to both.I still put my bets he has something with jecca or someone similar to her.And he will keep it very private for a long time.I do anyway think is creepy that she looks excatlly like kate or kate looks like her.But maybe that means shes as closer to kate as people imagine.All the midds looks the same in how they are and act and dress.Just saying.If the women is at this point of dressing exactlly liike kate it tells me shes kates bff and not williams mistress.But who knows.

 on: Today at 07:40:32 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by camilapitanga
I agree and must i add shes trying to be a kate to get the ring but she will turn out to be a Fergie aftre it all happens.SAShes no kate commoner shes a bbb!!!Fergie is still around after all these years.Playing her games and putting everyone else around her down especially her daughters and ex husband. but still very much alive and getting simpathy from many around her.In another words getting all she wants with such games after years and all the mistakes she did.Thats how cressida is and always will be!
If Harry ever marry her thats the exact same thing it will happen but it will be way worst.Coz cressida is worst!!Unlike fergie she havent made any mistake so far (but she will) and i dont think she will be married this amount od time to make so many anyway. She also has full support from many important people and local media and she will continue to have it until it starts to put kate down then the game will change.And when this happens (lets all pray it never does) "the one" will become "the other one" as it has to be anyway.Well finally see the true and ugly side of miss little sunshine.Also she has a huge familly,many friends from all sides including the Yorks themselves.It will be a circus and very public!!!!Dont get me as an extremer but i believe instead of what people say that kate and midds will destroy the RF seriouslly theyre kids compared to what will come if Harry marries this girl AND all that comes with her  eating cookies

She will behave well until someone tells her shes wrong and what to do.Them wait and u will see what will happen.Girls is spoilted has a huge ego bigger than the size of the universe.She wont be quiet like kate.She will make a lot of noise and take a lot of people down before she leaves with all she wants.Her familly also will enter the game at some point and play hard to get.THEY wont leave without making a huge noise.We can say that she has some trades of kate here and fergie there but she will be way worst than all toguether.Thats why she should be away the faster the better.Theyre creating a monster that they wont be able to destroy later.It will get ver ugly as far as im seeing.But anyway nothing that we havent said millions of times before  bored3
We have been right about all predictions on this girl unfortunatelly.So if Harry has some brain and/or someone close to him has they should erradicate this girl forever from theyre circle.Its very easy to do actually and the fact that it havent been done is what keeps me believeing that shes being allowed to stay among them ofr very obvious reasons.Maybe theyre not a couple maybe just fwb but whathever shes not silly and she has proved many times shes a massive professional player.Shes dangerous and can tunr the game in her favour quite easilly and she has been doing this for a long time now.I think if Harry wanted her out and over he would do it with the blink of na eye.Thats why i honestlly dont say anything else coz truth be told if shes still around we know whos the ony to be blamed  bored3

 on: Today at 07:29:15 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by camilapitanga
@ dani i also dont see him being in a long dating.But i believe he wont marry anyone he just met.Thats too much envolved.So using this as a base i think that if hes dating cressida they will probbally marry until 2016!I believe they met in 2012 but only started to date in 2013.With some breaks ups and makes ups.If they get engaged in 2015 it will be 2/3 years relationship.Thats the timing i believe Harry will date someone.There wont be no more long dating for him like he did with chelsy for example.But i believe he will meet someone date for 2/3 years and get engaged.Thats why im saying it will be probbally be this mess.Cox well i also have this feeling that he will marry around 2015/2016.And to me its impossible that he will meet someone new and get engaged in such short small amount of time.But then agains were only basing such opinions on personal intuitions not even facts.We dont know when he will marry.If is soon i say the mess if is more than 2016 i say another girl.Hope he will wait.Matty the at the right moment with someone he loves and not only coz of pressures.

@MRHW  thankyou I agree just like there are diferente people there are diferente artists, public people.But honestlly today it seems to me people are kinda of getting too crazy.Is all about being famous and hot and rich.People are kinda of mad  laugh

Theres also this generalized idea that exposing is better than keeping things private.I believe is coz of the whoole internet and all that it atracys to it.People want to be part of this new way of living, this new world and this normally means having a FB/IG accounts.Normally make deals with paparazzi to get pr when its necessary.Expose ure life.Sometimes coz they enjoy being on spotlight sometimes coz they need to.Its the reality we live in unfortunatelly  as far as i see only a few avoid this kinda of behaviour these days.Grace Kelly was amazing but then again she was from a time and group of people, generation that was all about being private, elegante.It dont really say much about people these days.Unfortunatelly.I totally agree there are still, fortunatelly,many actress/singers/artists in general who keeps or tries to keep theyre private lifes lifes... private!But unfortunatelly i dont see Harry getting envolved with any of these people.Especially coz these kinda of artists dont want to get envolved with royalks for obvious reasons.Thats why im saying that normallt the ones who will get envolved with royals are the ones who are in a way or another looking for some kinda of exposition.No wonder thats the kinda of girls from this artistc group he has been linked/envolved with  sigh

Caroline flack may be amazing person but shes a fame seekr like florence bbb was, like molly from saturdays was, like joss stone was and like cressida is.And in my opinion using this line that no private Worth it artist will want to marry na royal ( and i gree here that it makes sense) he will only atract such kinda of artist to his life.And honestlly thats to me is a bad thing.He dont need this kinda of drama in his life.This people seems to only want to use him to build theyre profiles more and if things dont work they will make a scene.Unlike an annonimous person who dates him for him and when they break up will simply move on with her life.LIke chelsy for example or even if were suppose to believe camila thurlow.An actress/singer wont go away without making a scene as we can see from the last options  laugh

 on: Today at 07:11:54 am 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Rosella
Celebrity Dirty Laundry (where the Rebecca Deacon story emanated from) is so reliable, not! Kate was known for dagger eyes at any female who came near Will. Now apparently she is quite OK with William making Rebecca his mistress and taking her to Malta.

 There is a photo of Harry laughing with Rebecca at the Olympics and sitting next to her. Is he carrying on with her as well? Does Rebecca's boyfriend Nick, who works at KP, know about this?

 on: Today at 07:10:36 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by mrharrywales
I think someone up to 25 is a good opĀ“tion.Less than this is a bit too much i agree  laugh

The problem with cressida in my view is that she has nothign to add to him.Only to take.And thats not what anyone wants or expects seriouslly.Is not the age is the fact shes imature and shows it very much on her actions, clothes, etc.The fact she dont have a real carrer and dont show any sign of wanting one.People are tired of this kinda of women who brings nothing and wants to leave for years depending on others like a parasite until she gets her happy ending: A tiara, a castle, fortune, a title and bla bla bla...

I mean come on.Enough with the fairytale.If only she was someoje who deserved it But the fact she have it all already and still wnats more and does nothing to achieve anything is very sad and totally reflects on his image.Or deflects to more honest.

To say the truth if he started to date na 18 year old girl who Works hard and seems to have some other goal in life arther than attending partys, events,vacation after vaction and wedding after wedding it would be somehting nice already.Its not the age is the person and what she has to offer the impressions she passes.It would be a chock  to find out hes dating na 18 year old girl but better a teen with something to offer rather than older girl with the same *poo* weve been seeing for the last years  bored3

Camilapitanga I couldn't agree more with you.

It's not the age factor, it's the lack of commitment with a career, lack of commitment with adulthood (because having a job, paying for your own bills, living on your own is adulthood, not being over age).

Cressida's been nothing but a parasite to Harry since the beginning, and the fact that she had a PR team trying to make her look good to the public since day one says a lot about her. She's not in for love, she's not in for the man, she's in for the prince!

I agree for fun she fits perfectlly but for something more serious  bignono laugh
But honestlly i think shes the kinda of person i would avoid if im Harry.Any kinda of celebrity or person from showbusiness seriouslly.These kind of people even if theyre nice have lifes that dont fit harrys royal life in any term and will always look like theyre using him for something and hes just accepting.
I think if Harry is looking for a new circle of friends he should stay away from celebritys/famous people  bored3
The more normal people he gets contact with the better for him if u ask me.Now theres one thing he should learn with william honestlly  eating cookies

Normal people.Normal friends.Less exposition.Less risks.Less drama in his life  sigh
U see even joss stone who seemed to be a more laid back kinda of singer had spoken about Harry.I think thats pretty bad and if i were Harry i would feel very violated and betrayed.I dont think Harry should get envolved with this kinda of people.Enough on this i agree.I dont see his group of friends as bad but if he wants to change it at leasr change for better people and not worst that will only bring him more and more drama and bad influence.

I don't necessarily agree with that.

There are so many celebrity/ showbizz girls that are discreet and act low key. There are so many actresses you see in movies or tv shows but rarely on the cover of any magazine, because they just don't like it, and they keep their lives to themselves.

We've had an experience of an actress princess (Grace Kelly) and it worked out just fine.

In my opinion, if Harry is in need to hang out with a new crowd his safest bet would be people who work for his charities. Those people would be private citizens, would be most likely caring people, who care for others and who are trying to make this a better place for us to live in.
I even think he'd find his perfect bride in one of his charities. He just needs to be open to it.

Jecca has shown little interest in marrying anybody.  It is odd IMHO that we actually know very little about her yet everyone thinks she is so ideal.

But assuming the Jecca myth is true - I rather doubt she'd be very interested in Harry.

Cate, you are so right.

There's this big myth about Jecca, and people idealize her as Mrs. Perfect and yet we know so little about her.

IMO, if she wanted to marry a Prince she would have many years ago.

If I recall well, William showed interest in marrying her some years ago, didn't he?

Harry isn't going to marry the random girl who waits for him. Chances are scruchie would have said yes, had he asked.

Should W&K continue this path - they will continue to become more and more unpopular. They are not embracing their roles, but are willing to take the money and perks. Thus making it easy for parliament to toss them off.

Although, Harry has found a role for himself. Chances are he could be happy being the military man or the king.

I expressed my opinion about this so many times, but every time someone brigs it up I have to express myself again.

Harry would make an AMAZING KING!

He is the one who works the most in the current second generation of the family, he's the most charismatic, he's shown tact with politicians which could come in handy for diplomatic visits, he has two jobs (one in the military and one as a Prince. Not counting his charities). He works hard and as far as we know he's never lied to the public and has been very open about his duties.

I'm totally TEAM KING HARRY!

I agree. I think Harry's Duchess is likely to come from the same circles he's run with for years.

I do believe that Harry dated Chelsy for years, but I don't know if Chelsy ever met the Queen; knew Harry, dated him, but never met HM? Harry even then was keeping her at a kind of distance and I do think that he prefers to have a connected girlfriend if he's in a serious mood for a relationship.

Cressida got away with marriage rumors running rampant and supposedly got invited to see the Queen. Not even Chelsy got away with it, or any other.

I do believe it'll be a blonde and be someone upper crust; he has a preference and it's something that is established.

Kuei, I believe Chelsy did meet HM.

Chels was Harry's plus one at Peter's wedding, and we know for a fact that Kate met HM for the first time at this wedding so there's a big chance Chels did too.

What do you mean by "He'll marry someone who's established"?

If he wants better, he needs to behave better and not expect wifey to be his nanny or put up with adultery. He made the mistake of blaming his exes for the breakups and smearing them in the press. He also needs to keep his crazy SIL off his back and make it clear that there are boundaries.

Kuei, allow me to disagree with you.

Harry never blamed his girlfriends for the end of their relationship, actually he was bashed for years in the press because of the breakup, specially with Chelsy.

He was called immature, self centered, uncommitted and so on, and Chelsy got praised, and saintified from 2011 to 2013 (when he stepped out with Cressida). So no!

I agree he needs to man up if he wants a better woman to take on the role of his wife but any and every breakup he's ever had/ will have have he will always be the one who will lose in the PR/ Newspaper battle because he just won't expose his dirty laundry to the public. He'd rather be seen and known as an immature as* than expose his life to the world.

I actually don't mind if Harry actually ends up dating someone younger than Cressida, age does not denote maturity, that's ip to the persons mind and spirit. There's kids who act more mature than most adults and some aren't even 10 yet. I don't have a problem with him going out and flirting with however many women, so long as he's going back home alone and not getting into the whole string of one night affairs. I think he's matured in his own way and continues to do so in his own time. Which is great.

I do think he needs someone who can understand him better than his past girlfriends did. in getting sick and tired of media and other people saying Harry needs reigning in, let me clear up one misconception right there, there is no way in blazing hell ANYONE is ever going to manage to "reign in" a Virgo, unless you try to reign them in forcefully and then they will give you hell for it. We are highly vindictive and coldly, calculatingly mean if you get on our sh*t list. He needs to find someone that's goong to accept him for who he is, all his curves and edges and just accept and don't try to change. Just understand or at least try to understand him as is.

He is a prince but first and foremost he is a man, he at least deserves the right to have someone try to understand him as a human being while still accepting the position he holds in life. He found neither in Chelsy, Cressida, or anyone else I've seen him date up to this point. Everyone wants something from him instead of just accepting him as Harry. If he did find someone who cared for him in that way, accepted his position, and could understand why he sometimes blows hot and cold, moody and pleasant from one moment to the next. It's not cause he's bipolar or a bastard for picking up women and dropping them just as quickly.

Have to understand Virgos are very analytical, especially him being in the military he probably can make quick accessments of people and situations and if he doesn't like something about them just drop it and move on. I'm the same way. It comes off as cold and rather callous but frankly why should we waste our time trying to settle for something less then exactly what we want? He will continue to act like that, it's just our nature. So until he finds someone that he feels won't try to reign him in, won't give him ultimatums, won't try to change who he is, play games/mind games with him, he's not going to settle.

It makes a lot of people think he's horrible to women and doesn't deserve anyone better but frankly he's just working with what he has in the hunting grounds he knows and has to work with. Now he may or may not find someone outside those little places he's used to looking in, she could be as blue-blooded as the highest aristocrat in the country or a simple shop girl. I frankly don't care. I just hope he finds someone who will love him for who he is, both the good and the bad, and understanding of all his different sides and just let him be who he is. When he finds that, I doubt you'll hear anymore about a roving eye.

I doubt too that whoever he meets like that is a pushover either. It's been my experience that the most understanding people are the ones who are most sure of themselves. Confidence in oneself breeds acceptance in others because you understand that others are still struggling to achieve that same state. I don't think she'll be a saint or fix all the BRF's problems and rise higher or be better than Diana in people's heart and frankly I don't want her to. I just want her to be sure of herself, be sure of her own methods and place in the world and do the best that she can in that situation and first and foremost love Harry and support him not only for who he is but as he is.

Ok rambled enough, I'm getting off my soapbox now.


 on: Today at 07:10:20 am 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by lothwen
That would make sense if she actually had something there to support. Her belly is so small it looks like she ate a full meal for the first time in forever, what would be the point?

I think Kate's vain enough to want to maintain this illusion of having a "svelte" figure for as long as possible during her pregnancy (and yes, I do believe she's pregnant)

I think we'll see her looking "slim" through November, then she'll have her cute pregnancy stage, and then we  won't see her the last 6 weeks before she delivers, because by that time she'll be huge and bloated and won't want to be seen in public.

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