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July 26, 2016, 10:42:12 pm *
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 on: Today at 10:31:42 pm 
Started by buflesse - Last post by windsor2
I really can't stand this dim witted broad. All of the £ wasted on her. All of the resources and people trying to make this girl fit into a role she was never ever going to make a success. She could solve any disorder by stepping down and away from the Royal family and take "her" two kids with her. No amount of spa or cosmetic surgery could make her look better. She's an empty used up soul.

 on: Today at 09:58:57 pm 
Started by buflesse - Last post by livylivy
Maybe she may be treated for her eating disorders. Maybe, just speculating

 on: Today at 09:33:08 pm 
Started by buflesse - Last post by YooperModerator
^Lourdes isn't that far of a hike.   eating cookies

 on: Today at 09:32:05 pm 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by YooperModerator
I just can't beat up on Pipster for just going about with her life.  It's an engagement ring, albeit an ice rink, but she's just wearing it, never publicly mentioned it and not truly 'flashing' it.  Envy is unattractive on everyone if that's the case here.

HOWEVER, my loathing for those tight jeans/jeggings knows no bounds that the Middleton sisters insist on wearing.  They're hideous and always look grungy.  And the pigeon-toe walk is for runway models only.  Period. 

 on: Today at 09:27:45 pm 
Started by The Chocolate Princess - Last post by Tessofthemiddletons
Thank you and  hello Little light  flower

 on: Today at 09:26:55 pm 
Started by The Chocolate Princess - Last post by YooperModerator
 easter-bunny  Welcome Tessofthemiddletons!!!!

A little something of note for the newcomers from an old-timer like myself:  I'm not saying it's true nor to offend but I think new voices are AWESOME and there may be some who are looking for a little balance from the endless comments from we long-standing members who must be wearing thin on some ears from time to time so fear not, post away and know that we appreciate your presence.  Just a thought! 

We're all friends here, new and old.   flirt

 on: Today at 09:09:03 pm 
Started by The Chocolate Princess - Last post by Little light
 hello from me too.

 on: Today at 09:05:05 pm 
Started by Stephanie - Last post by Little light
Didn't Princess Diana try and make Charles jealous by dancing with Wayne Sleep?

And her DIL is acting the same way to make William jealous of her.

All IMHO though.

 on: Today at 08:42:05 pm 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by HRHOlya
Following her recent engagement to James Matthews bride-to-be Pippa Middleton has regularly been spotted out and about wearing her fabulous diamond ring. 

And this afternoon she proved that the £250,000 sparkler accessorises with every ensemble - including jeans, blouse and a bike helmet.

The 32-year-old was seen weaving among the busy city traffic on board a Victoria Pendleton bicycle, which retail for around £300, this afternoon.

Read more:

 on: Today at 08:41:10 pm 
Started by buflesse - Last post by HRHOlya
I did a brief google search, and there is a psychiatric clinic thereabout (Bearn/ Gers). But someone who speaks French fluently should have better luck. I'm unlikely to find anything useful.

ETA: This is not intended to start any sort of unsubstantiated gossip. Just the location is suspicious and in terms of clinics that's the only thing I found quickly, apart for a clinic for geriatrics, doubt that's needed..

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