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 on: Today at 02:47:34 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by SouthernBelle
She has not aged well.  She looks very rough. 

 on: Today at 02:31:17 am 
Started by Alexandrine - Last post by SouthernBelle
“reestablish their dominance?”  Delusional, much?  Who does this woman think she is? 

 on: Today at 02:20:03 am 
Started by Yooper - Last post by windsor2
Adriana Lima splits from Turkish writer Metin Hara after more than a year of dating
The 37-year-old Victoria's Secret Angel and the 36-year-old self-help writer ended their relationship after a year and a half together, according to People.
The relationship was documented primarily from the self-help guru's Instagram account.  bignono
In late December, Turkish news outlets reported that the Brazilian model had broken up with her self-help boyfriend and was dating German soccer star Loris Karius. She responded forcefully on Instagram.
'For the fake Turkish media claiming that I am flirting with some random people that I never met . . . Please stop creating fake news! ENOUGH !!!!'
Earlier in December, Adriana had posted a mysterious message saying a man should be a partner, not a project. She promptly deleted the post, as well as all her photos featuring Metin.
She doesn't seem to have good luck with men.

 on: Today at 01:47:38 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by sandy
I said dueling interviews. Meghan herself did not respond directly to her father's talks to the media and immediately go and give "her side" or a rebuttal.  Seward is not confidante of Meghan nor did Meghan say these people spoke for her.
The links you mention talk about "reportedly" Meghan did not say "I rejected the queens efforts to silence my father." It is not a direct quote. Her father was indeed quoted directly and spoke directly to the cameras or replied to questions that were published in journals.

Seward may be QE II's mouthpiece but Meghan never gave an interview to Seward.

I am speaking of direct quotes not what Seward claims. Meghan never spoke to Seward and told her how she felt about her father and said You may quote me.

It is clear what Tom Sr thinks since he spoke directly and nobody like Seward can claim he allegedly "thinks" because Tom went directly out and is a primary source. No comparison with the "reportedly" or claims from people who never spoke to her.

Meghan's point of view would be apparent if Tom claims she never got in touch with him then Meghan herself issues a statement saying I did get in touch with him and told him such and such. There would be direct evidence.
Seward pulled this stunt after Diana died and made all sorts of claims about her. When Diana spoke to Settelen she rebutted (indirectly) what Seward claimed and Seward had to retract these claims.

Unless, Meghan speaks out and it is obviously her point of view because she goes directly to the media or states that someone is an authorized source, Meghan has not responded to her father's claims.

 on: Today at 01:36:15 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by Ariel
That's incorrect, imo. Megan has given her opinion on the matter so many times that it's clear - she cut off her family and is not coming back (for now, when she needs them she'll remember about them, that's how they all do).

Here's QE disagreeing how Megan treats her own father:

And, if you dismiss all these articles, here's one from Ingrid Seward - QE's mouthpiece:

INGRID SEWARD: Phone your dad, Meghan ...for his sake and for yours

What started as a series of unfortunate upsets is in danger of blowing up into something far more destructive.

Lonely and vulnerable, sitting thousands of miles away from his daughter, Thomas Markle has every reason to fear that his beloved Meghan has now turned her back on him completely.

And while the success of her wedding to Prince Harry earlier this year had seemed to secure a special place for Meghan in the affections of the British public, her decision to leave her father isolated threatens to undo that good work – and leave her with a colder reputation. is hard to face the truth but M is a horrible human being and just by how she treats her own father and the two abandoned rescue dogs - with neglect and cruelty, I'd say that one can draw a lot of conclusions.

(My conclusion is that maybe she doesn't have close relationships because she's incapable of not being cruel and disrespectful. Just look at the comments from the many police officers who were there to protect her but she kept dismissing them ... one for not closing the door for her one time, one for standing in front of her during her posing for money shot, one for ... no particular reason at all... allegedly)

 on: Today at 01:17:38 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by sandy
I did say it's a discussion board. And the others spoke up and gave their own accounts: Charles, Diana, Camilla, Kate, and William did give first hand accounts.

Meghan did not do a Panorama or Dimbleby style interview like C and D did.

Tom did give his side of the story. Meghan did not have dueling interviews which would have given more details. Probably not likely to happen.

 on: Today at 01:03:10 am 
Started by kahena - Last post by FrederickLouis
Queen Elizabeth II visited Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island in 1964.

 on: Today at 12:52:39 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by dianab
He said Meghan didnt reply his letters... many things you says about charles, camilla, kate, william and jecca arent known, right?

 on: Today at 12:28:56 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by YooperModerator
Off topic

 on: Today at 12:12:08 am 
Started by YooperModerator - Last post by Kuei Fei
Exactly. I've seen that no matter how safe and secure a woman seems or thinks she is, fact is, if the husband gets fed up, the husband will leave. Kate is entirely dependent on William's decision making process and if he decides one day to turn on her, he will turn on her with a vengeance. If a business arrangement is what Kate is happy with, so be it, but at some point, William will be sick of it and sick of being in a business arrangement with a partner who brings nothing and does nothing.

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