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 on: Today at 01:55:27 pm 
Started by sandy - Last post by Stephanie
Diana IMO did not ask for much when she married Chuck except loyalty and faithfulness.
For the first time in his life Chuck was asked to give and not only take.
He might have stepped up to it if he hadn't kept Camzilla as a "confidante".
Get "advise" from the Wrinkly Homewrecker and your marriage is toast.
Other friends with strong marriages probably could have helped them with their adjustment problems and they might still be together today.

 on: Today at 12:13:31 pm 
Started by ohmy - Last post by Countess of Holland
An English colleague of mine already said it: "It started with a William, it will end with a William".

 on: Today at 11:53:31 am 
Started by ohmy - Last post by Freya
I saw a programme last night about Faberge and the history of his famous eggs.

What did strike me was how similar in some ways the characters of the RRF are to members of the BRF. Dowager Tzarina, very well liked. Tzar and Tzarina (Nicolas and Alexandra) not well liked. Nicolas wanted to live a "normal life". Alex was particularly disliked by the Russian Aristocracy. She seemed very friendless and her association with Rasputin did not help.

There are many parallels when you compare Nicolas and Alex to William and Kate. Whilst it will never end as tragically (thank God), William and Kate's behaviour could result in the end of the monarchy.

I wonder if Kate will form an association with a male friend. Not a full blown affair but a close male friend whose relationship with the duchess comes under scrutiny.

 on: Today at 09:24:03 am 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by Jane23
She is fast becoming one of my favorite Royals (the first on the list still being my man Phil  loveshower) she works hard than the Do Littles and is 100 better at it GO BEA !!!  flirt

 on: Today at 08:37:33 am 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by india
Well, at least she does resemble her father as opposed to PG who resembles neither of his parents for well known reasons.

 on: Today at 08:20:41 am 
Started by Kuei Fei - Last post by Countess of Holland
A good one. Though one small thing, the Queen was never 'Princess of Wales'. The title of Prince of Wales is only for male heirs to the throne and their wives become Princess of Wales.

A female heir to the throne is only 'heir presumptive' (since she can be replaced by a younger brother) or, with the new gender-neutrality of the succession 'heir apparent'. Not sure if the new Law on Succession makes a female heir also Princess of Wales in the future, but it most certainly did not in the past.

 on: Today at 05:49:50 am 
Started by Snokitty - Last post by CarryingOn
Kate stronger than Diana? No. It's really quite a laughable idea.

She laid on her back for a decade while William cheated and treated her like a 2nd class citizen
Kate is a puppet that can't do anything without her mother and her ridiculous family backing her up.
She doesn't get along with William's friends and the aristo population, she bashes them in the press.
She constantly runs back to her mother's house like a little child
Kate does no work and constantly uses her "son" as an excuse to do nothing but she can of course shop, vacation, and do f#ck all else
For such a top notch education, she sounds like a complete uneducated idiot whenever she opens her mouth, not knowing who the King of Spain is being her latest f#ck up

Yeah, I'm not seeing anything that would make her stronger than Kate and ignoring your husband's cheating when you don't approve and it makes you feel bad, isn't strength.

 on: Today at 05:47:13 am 
Started by sandy - Last post by Kuei Fei
All these aristocrats were in fact tolerant because they view Camilla with the same indulgence the way they view any kind of kindhearted mistress in a brothel. A 'nice type,' but still, only a mistress. If Camilla were still a mistress, she would still be sitting several rows behind the regular royal party.

Camilla would not have "won" had Charles married a woman (the first wife) just as hard hearted as Camilla--someone who had no intention of giving Charles a divorce and living it up enjoying the perks. And even playing nice with Camilla. Though Camilla would have sent a woman such as that off unless the woman was a skilled actress.

Thing is, that, what makes what Camilla did so hocking is how she destroyed a marriage between a Prince and Princess of Wales; no one other than Diana likely viewed Camilla as anything other than a predatory mistress and liked perks and wanted to maintain her position, nothing new in that set.

The difference now is that Camilla literally threw the wife off and this is what must have shocked the courtiers; threw the wife off, blasted the wife's rep, and then ended up marrying in, only creating more work and stress for the courtiers who have enough problems as it is when it comes to keeping the Windsors on track.

 on: Today at 04:24:34 am 
Started by sandy - Last post by CarryingOn
Right Carrying on - I am trying to make the point about that whole crowd - absolutely toxic people.  Not that Camilla deserves sympathy.  She is the one left standing - testimony to her ambition ruthlessness and her understanding of how to play that game.  And that is still the same dynamic he and Camilla live in now - do you think anyone is going to express their disapproval of the whole sordid mess?  Anyone who finds it sordid or who doesn't think Camilla or Charles are so great - has to keep their opinions to themselves or risk being thrown out of the group and then losing access to that network which affects their status and probably for some ability to earn money.  They are all the same people they were back in the day when they provided "safe" houses for Charles to meet with his mistresses while  his wife suffered.  

But it is also true that not everyone in that upper class circle wanted to have an affair with him or that every husband was willing to acquiesce to Charles appetites.  Which is part of the point too I think - that in some way all these very screwed up people all managed to find each other - the whole crowd of them had their moral compasses broken.  

I don't know, I doubts about the ones who offered them save haven, truly not approving, because otherwise why let them. Stand for something or fall for anything, really. You don't have to verbally berate but you don't have to offer your home as sanctuary.

Birds of a feather definitely flock together but as far as their moral compasses, whose to say they ever had one for it to even be broken. I doubt Charles had one and I think he from a very young age had to many outside influences on him, letting him do whatever he wanted. You had the Queen Mother who spent her time spoiling him and turning him into a useless human being and that Mountbatten dude directing him like a puppet. He was brought up to believe that he could do whatever he wanted and no consequences would befall him.

 on: Today at 03:59:38 am 
Started by Fly on the wall - Last post by cate1949
in that third photo she really does show her resemblance to her father

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