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Title: Hysteria
Post by: misanthrocrat on February 15, 2019, 06:59:41 pm
Dear severely upset reader(s),

I am posting this here as this is the forum I have been most active in so far, I think.
It has come to my attention that some of you do not like my posts. As in you "REALLY" do not like my posts.
SO MUCH do you not like some of the views I express in my posts (hey, maybe all) that you decided to contact moderators using severe ad hominem attacks full of libelous terms, horrible labels and hysterical insults in the hope that you can silence views you consider un-hearable.  

I am profoundly sorry certain views about reality upset you so much that they trigger uncontrolled rage in you, to the point where you feel compelled to make a moderator's life miserable. Please keep in mind that the concept of "freedom of speech" was not made only for people who think, feel and perceive reality the way you do.

Also keep in mind that you cannot demand the privilege of being able to silence mere observations about reality simply by slandering others with labels and secretly hoping someone will come and drag them away to the guillotine, based on the labels you so "bravely" and "nobly" chose to apply to them behind their backs.

Kindly consider abstaining from taking moderators' hands and tying them behind their backs so they can do your bidding. This is not their job.

Whatever their personal views are, they are doing their best to be fair and provide a space where people from all walks of life and persuasions can talk about the Monarchy, its members and whatever is happening to it right now.
You expressed your views and I appreciate that. Despite very strongly disagreeing with them, I would never dream of having the right to go to the mods and demand that you be silenced or "virtually" decapitated because of how you understand reality.      
If you cannot handle beliefs such as "there are dramatic differences of caliber between people, at all levels of society, within all groups" and you feel the need to place hysteria-inducing labels on holders of such beliefs - you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

You also have the freedom to leave the forum, of course. This way, you will never have to be confronted with the "traumatizing" experience of witnessing freedom of speech about empirically-substantiated realities you don't want to hear. In this case, you may be better off in environments designated as "Safe Spaces" for a specific category of people.
I sincerely empathize with the fact that you despise certain views. I completely understand. But you can rest assured nobody here supports the Boogeyman movements, ideologies and behaviors you so cowardly chose to attach to a poster's identity, so you can silence her views.  

Labeling and slandering to silence a poster's perspective is despicable behavior and you know it.
Have a wonderful day and thank your for co-existing,


Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: lesken on February 16, 2019, 01:53:34 am
Are you kidding? I love your posts. Very thoughtful interesting reading which I agree with most of the time. And I am intelligent.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: Rosella on February 16, 2019, 02:55:08 am
It wasn't me, either. I believe in freedom of speech even if others disagree with me, which is 99% of the time here!  :flower:

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: SouthernBelle on February 16, 2019, 03:04:23 am
I enjoy reading your posts.  The points you make are well-thought-out and clearly expressed. 

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: Ariel on February 16, 2019, 03:09:25 am
Keep posting, misantrocat. I am also a fan of your posts.  :flower: Don't let a single user's opinion get to you. You know what they say - If someone really don't like your opinion it's because you speak the truth and they don't like it ;) Keep posting.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: LadySnowWhite on February 16, 2019, 08:27:26 am
Wasn’t me; you’re charming.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: HRHOlya on February 16, 2019, 12:35:13 pm
It wasn't me either, just to clarify.

I don't have the time to write as much here anymore, but I keep reading and try to keep up (though I'm behind on the most popular threads because of the great turn-over they generate).

I have agreed with a lot you said Misanthrocrat, not everything, but quite a bit. I also see how some posters either don't read your posts properly, or take bits from them, or purposefully twist your words and then arguments happen... By the time I could add my thoughts the convo has been going on and moved on and I'm late as usual...

You're also well-spoken, which makes reading your posts a treat and I loved reading this one as well, some bits made me laugh actually (don't think that was intended, but anyways!) :P

Rosella, I wouldn't say members disagree with 99% you say, with perhaps quite a bit, but not that much! lol You have some great info anyway, so you're for sure a valued poster :flower:

Even if I disagree with some posters or some posts make my eyes roll, I can't think of one single poster who hasn't added good contribution in whatever form... (humour, info, opinion or whatever else).. :flower:

Also, if we all constantly agreed, that'd make for quite a single-minded and boring convo, no? :sigh:

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: Little light on February 16, 2019, 12:51:34 pm
It wasn’t me either.

I’ve not been posting much as I’ve had two flare ups and three bouts of shingles in the past 4 months! And I’m extremely behind on the forum. ( I’ve literally got pages to go through. Pages of posts. And not just pages of threads either).

But please keep posting. Your thoughts are well laid out, clearly written and full of substance.  :flower:

And on a good note, I’ve been recommended for a vaccination (despite my youth) once I’m over this latest virus.  :bouncy:

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: Snowpea on February 16, 2019, 02:17:11 pm
We are all on the same team and it's human nature not to agree with people 100% of the time - doesn't mean that they aren't entitled to their opinions or maybe opening up another thing to consider.

I know I have found some juicy items on this site and it's got me to thinking.  :James:

That said, let's all just keep it light and consider the other person's point of view a little more. What makes this world interesting are refreshing takes and perspectives and allowing people to get them out there!  :flirt:

I am a huge advocate of free speech everywhere, what with me and my big mouth and all.  :flirt:

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: lesken on February 16, 2019, 03:31:24 pm
If we didn't have people with different opinion, it wouldn't be fun to discuss things. And the opposing view helps one clarify one's own view when comparing.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: dianab on February 16, 2019, 03:41:38 pm
Keep posting, misantrocat!

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: logically on February 16, 2019, 03:57:51 pm
Keep posting - you provide lots tothink over and that's great

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: misanthrocrat on February 16, 2019, 04:35:26 pm

Thank you all for your supportive words. I just wanted to bring some needed clarifications, especially in the light of a few difficult days moderators apparently have experienced.
They have been as fair as they humanly can, per free speech "best practices", regardless of their personal views. I did not feel it was right for them to be given headaches for views someone else expressed on the forum, no matter how unpopular they are.

Hopefully, the offended poster(s) will join us back as I assume they like to gossip about the royals as we much as the rest of us do.  :flower:


Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: CathyJane on February 16, 2019, 10:43:27 pm
I love your posts.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: Cali San D on February 17, 2019, 03:07:24 am
How unfortunate. I can't believe that someone was contacting the moderators to make complaints or to get you banned.  :o  :o  :o

I blame Meghan for this. It seems she brings out the worst in people. Just a joke, there. :tehe:

This is a gossip site and we all should respect each other's opinions and have fun most of all.


Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: sanka on February 17, 2019, 03:13:08 am
Keep posting Misanthrocrat :)

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: lesken on February 17, 2019, 03:31:45 pm
Must have been a Meghan plant. There are plants on other websites.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: misanthrocrat on February 17, 2019, 06:02:46 pm
I do not think it was a Meghan plant. It was an expected reaction, considering the culture wars we live in today.
Someone was bound to knee-jerk react at statements such as "genetics matter".
This was about more than a MM fan not liking to hear criticism about her. People critique her here all the time and honestly, any devoted and sincere fan would have to be a masochist to stay in a place where the person they sincerely admire is talked about in such clearly negative terms.
A plant for removing the most ardent critics? Possible, but not likely. This would not be efficient PR.
In the end, it doesn't matter who it was.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: lesken on February 17, 2019, 07:22:31 pm
I see your point. Sometimes I can't believe anyone that knows about her antics could like her so I assume it is a plant. And there was a paid one I found out about on another website when they were dating. So I do think that sometimes. But of the Murky fans in this website that I know, they are genuine I think. Anyway, keep posting.

Title: Re: Hysteria
Post by: AnaBolena on February 18, 2019, 03:52:04 pm
How sad that someone would seek to silence you, Misanthrocrat.   It definitely wasn’t me as I truly do believe in free speech.  I’m just so sorry this was done to you.  I love your well thought out posts.  Please keep posting and posting. x