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Title: Turned down jobs
Post by: FrederickLouis on November 20, 2018, 11:49:38 pm
Princess Diana turned down jobs before marrying Prince Charles.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: sandy on November 21, 2018, 05:56:20 pm
She only quit the jobs once the engagement happened. Diana worked as a nanny for a family and the mother wrote that Diana continued on the job until the engagement and she was at Young Kindergarten until the engagement. Unfortunately Charles acted like a baby and got jealous of his young wife. Very unfortunate.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: Kuei Fei on November 21, 2018, 06:42:29 pm
People keep forgetting that Diana was NINETEEN at the time of her public debut and she was someone who had just begun to live life. Frankly, she also had a ton of cash, a title, and dozens of friends so she had no reason to really do anything that she didn't want to. She had EVERY right to live her life as she saw fit and just because she wasn't running six major corporations by nineteen does not mean that she was somehow some kind of failure. She was just trying out new things and that was her right. The fact is, she was holding down two jobs that were positions of substantial trust and the fact that she was trusted with kids is in fact a good mark of her character.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: dianab on November 21, 2018, 08:57:55 pm
^WELL SAID :thumbsup:

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: Kuei Fei on November 21, 2018, 09:23:12 pm

I recently read the book about Diana written by Sarah Bradford and I am revolted at how Diana was picked at just because she didn't have a university education or wasn't making speeches about saving whales. Before her marriage she never owed anyone anything and I am disgusted at how she was expected to be perfectly erudite, perfectly intellectual, and perfectly mature, despite the fact that the role of Princess of Wales at that point was still in transition. She had looks and charm and good taste and had the ability to give Charles a dozen heirs and heiresses if in fact Charles had been so inclined. I am dead sure that there were just too many selfish people out there that thought Diana owed all of them something and picked her apart just for being a decent person with the right instincts.

When she moved into that place in London as a teen, she was living the kind of life that ANYONE would DIE to live if they had the chance at it. Diana was what was needed at that time and place when she married Charles. Second, she was a KID during a time when kids were allowed to be kids and therefore she had every right to live an undemanding life. She never owed the world anything and as Princess of Wales, she was someone who still had MORE than enough time to grow into her own person, which she did. Christ. I dislike how someone who didn't have a straightforward life was ganged up on mainly since she wasn't doing what people two decades older did. As for a degree, Charles had married her at an age where most were in fact entering university, she didn't stand a CHANCE at having any kind of that life.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: sandy on November 21, 2018, 11:20:29 pm
I liked the Sarah Bradford book and think it was the best of the Diana books.

She really wanted a happy family life and she wanted many children. It was too bad that Charles did not go into the marriage in a sincere way.

Some people who never get the University degree are actually smarter than those who don't. Some who get the degree don't even use them.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: Kuei Fei on November 21, 2018, 11:28:01 pm
You know, I think for a lot of fools, a degree is just a rite of passage and they think they are owed the best of everything from then on. Diana didn't have a degree, but for her role, she never needed one. She also never needed the permission of everyone around her to enjoy life. She was a KID and I am sick of how everyone fancied that she was stupid because she didn't get a degree. The Dolt and Doltess of Cambridge never got a good degree and yet for some reason they're hyped as oh so much smarter than the rest of the royal family because they own one. Diana's life was disrupted at nineteen by her rotten ex husband and I am glad that Sarah did write that book. IT balanced things out and I admire how it pointed out how vulgar and selfish Fergie was to Andrew. As for being a princess, Diana did her duty and went above and beyond. Thankfully she didn't give up on herself and no one wants to remember that royal life is different and a degree is secondary to survival.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: misanthrocrat on December 17, 2018, 10:21:56 pm
^ and ^^^

Giving tons of thumbs up to Kwei Fei's posts above. So accurate and honest. Superb insights.
I particularly like the comments about the "whale saving" phenomenon and "degrees-as-guarantee-of-substance-and-capacity".
It's high time these "clever moves" were debunked for the fraudulent behaviors that they have become, way too often.  

Diana was certainly a highly privileged-by-birth woman. This was neither her merit nor her fault. It just was.
This is exactly what made her so authentic, elegant, graceful and free to be herself.  

She may not have been the brightest woman around or even the most beautiful - but she didn't need to be, as she was in competition with no one.
Indeed, most people would never admit that this is the kind of life they would give anything to be able to live.

Title: Re: Turned down jobs
Post by: Kuei Fei on December 18, 2018, 12:05:58 am
She owed apologies to no one and no one had any business trying to tear her down for not having a degree or having had a 'real' career. This complete delusion that she ever owed it to a tabloid journalist to have had a degree in physics or have left behind a career as an astronaut. The reality is, that Charles was never going to marry someone who wasn't titled and already a part of that set. She was going to marry well either way and she was someone who had what the BRF needed.

If I had had her title and her access to vast sums of money and freedom, I would have done the exact same thing. I would have gladly floated through life and socialized and jet setted and merrily gone about traveling. She had a GREAT life and she had a right to live that great life to the full. This delusion that "Diana had never stuck to anything" is insane mainly since she was just starting out in life. She wasn't raised to be an obsessive compulsive wreck and have a PHD in physicist by age twenty while having established herself in a career a decade ago. She was a KID. She had never lived life in any real way beyond her limited life in an undemanding school. Furthermore, at nineteen, even today, a lot of young women are just starting university or graduating high school. Most all her age were getting their first jobs and trying to have fun while building a work ethic. No one had any business defining Diana's personality or position for her. The BS about 'there being more to being a princess than wearing clothes and shopping' is BS mainly because the role isn't requiring anything other than a fertile womb to produce many heirs. Second, the fact is, she was pulling her weight and then even took on more once she discovered  her passion for de-stigmatizing AIDS.