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Title: The consort of Lenore
Post by: FrederickLouis on November 13, 2018, 12:14:06 am
Would Princess Lenore's husband be referred to as Prince or Infante?

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: Rosella on November 13, 2018, 12:38:00 am
It depends on who Lenore marries, doesn't it. If she marries a member of the Spanish aristocracy, as may well happen, then he would keep his own family name and title. Lenore and her sister aren't grown yet of course but I can't really see them doing a lot of international jet-setting and having lots of foreign boyfriends. IMO she and her sister will marry Spaniards. Unless she studies overseas at university and falls hard for a fellow student of course!

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: beline on November 13, 2018, 06:35:56 am
The last consort of a reigning Queen in Spain had the title of King consort. Francis de Assisi de Bourbon was himself the son of an Infante and the double cousin of his wife Queen Isabel II.

I don't see any husband of Princess Leonor being titled King though.

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: Alexandrine on November 13, 2018, 07:34:20 am
Ooh I cant wait. I hope she marries the most inappropriate person for the role  :laugh: her parentd wont be able to complain.

Doubtful that she will marry an aristo.

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: Joanna on November 13, 2018, 03:02:18 pm
^LMAO  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: me too! Leti would pass out, it'd mean she'd finally lost the total control she so craves.  I think Leonor won't even be Queen.

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: FrederickLouis on November 14, 2018, 12:07:37 am
Joanna, Why do think that Leonor will not become Queen?

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: D.I.R. on November 14, 2018, 12:38:51 am
I agree with Alexandrine & Joanna.

Title: Re: The consort of Lenore
Post by: Joanna on November 14, 2018, 10:36:59 am
FrederickLouis, I base my opinion on my decade of living in Spain. One thing we have to keep in mind is that spanish are in general very revindicative, they go to the streets and they protest and make their voices heard loud and clear when they don't agree with something or feel their rights are being disrespected. They do so in a daily basis, in day to day aspects of their lives, you can see their fighting spirit, they aren't afraid to defend their rights and beliefs and I command them for it (my country and people could learn that from them instead of being so passive all the time).

 The current political environment suggests it, people respected Juan Carlos for bringing democracy, many of them did so begrudgingly (because they don't see eye to eye in many aspects) but with the scandal with Corinna (one of his many mistresses), his image was damaged. The ecomics scandal IƱaki was involved in helped even more to damage the image of Monarchy.

 Letizia and her numerous plastics, her need for control, her suspicious friendships with people involved in economic scandals, the way she treats her husband's family with utter despise, claiming she doesn't want their image ruined (their meaning her's and her husband's and their children's) by their closeness with Infanta Cristina, I mean do you see the hypocrisy? She is still friends with people involved in scandals but she uses that same excuse to shun her sister in law, her appalling behaviour in Easter Mass, even Leonor's very rude behaviour towards her grandmother are helping to damage the Royal Family's image irrevocably.

 The fact that Leonor earns more than 5000 euros (I read somewhere it was 7000) a month just because she is the Princess of Asturias when people are struggling to make ends meet is also not helping. Felipe VI is respected because he has shown to have the qualities that both his parents have and none of their faults (as far as we know) but we don't know how long that respect will exist, because independentists *despise* him and his reputation took a hit when he let his wife humilliate his mother in public. In Spain, the political climate is unstable, unemployment rates reached a peak in October, a peak that is as high as the one felt in the autumn of 2008 (in the height of the economical crisis), population is at unrest and more and more you hear the same thing: why do we need to keep them (the royal family)? Other people, not as radical, want Elena on the throne.

I think the only thing holding their hands still is the terrible memories that the Second Republic, the Civil War and Franquism bring to the forefront of the minds of the people. How long can that fear rule them until they're fed up with it? I say, until Felipe's last breath.