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Title: Home/Personal DNA Tests
Post by: YooperModerator on November 18, 2016, 03:09:24 am
There has been some discussion of the validity and accuracy of the new DNA home test kits.  I have talked with the scientists who work in the field of DNA studies at the Salk Institute and their stance is that it's inaccurate, no two tests rarely come up the same, it's a highly complicated process and, frankly, a waste of money.  They are quite immovable on this and feel that it should be marketed as "for entertainment purposes only" because of all of the statistical unknowns.  Without DNA from your parents, for instance, which would add a piece to the puzzle, what you have is a mixed bag to begin with that is difficult to break down just doing your own.

In matters of police procedure and parentage, it is invaluable to identify the culprit or parentage of a child but even that is not 100% conclusive.  It can, however, remove suspects and potential parentage.  It is also extremely helpful in identifying severe, inherited diseases but that must take place in a precise and highly professional laboratory.  So, there's the argument from the scientific community.

From the legal community, home DNA tests cannot be used for any legal argument whatsoever, as it stands now.

On a personal note, I had looked into getting one for the family for Christmas this year and was pretty excited about that until I was advised by one of my sons to do my research first.  So, I did, and I won't be purchasing one.  They run, on average, in the US about $100 USD so it's an investment for many.

However, it can be a fun diversion and some people have shown some interest in it, so this thread is to discuss that.  Any articles, personal stories, etc., are much welcomed.

Thank you!