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Title: Flooding in Brazil
Post by: Earth Angel on January 15, 2011, 11:33:29 pm

flooding and mudslides have claimed the lives of 600+ in Brazil, many thought to be children. ...

Fernanda, I'm assuming you and your loved ones are okay, since you posted today and didn't mention the disaster. This is awful! :( I'll keep your people in my prayers. ...

Title: Re: Flooding in Brazil
Post by: Fernanda Nunes on January 15, 2011, 11:58:02 pm
:AWW: Thanks honey for worrying about me, so much joy to my heart .... :flower:
I received this email today from a sister church who lives in Teresopolis - Rio de Janeiro.



A great experience ...  

The Peace of the Lord!

I am a member of Maranatha Christian Church Teresópolis-RJ.

All are following the tragedies here in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro. But I am sending this email to tell the deliverance that the Lord has given the Church here in my town.

The neighborhood most affected was the Stop, where is one of our churches where they live and several brothers. One brother lives just outside the church. He was startled by the noise. The whole mountain came down, earth, trees, rocks and lots and lots of water. When he ran to the balcony to see what was happening saw a wave of water and mud about METRES now taking cars, houses, trees, parallel, people, everything was on the road. Soon after came a second "wave" that destroyed the rest.

The most interesting was that when the brother looked up, the Church was INTACT! The water destroyed everything, even the paving of the street was torn by the force of the runoff, has more than three feet of mud all the way, but did not a single drop of water inside the Temple.

The flood happened in front of and behind the church but not a drop went over the fence (that's right! Grade! Any leaked, freshly painted white! Standard of our churches! But the water did not pass Incredible huh? This is Our God! !).

The wall that the condominium is adjacent to the Temple was torn and destroyed. He opened a hole where the condominium was! On the other hand, the wall (concrete!) Was also ripped and destroyed house. The brand is mud everywhere, except in the grid of the Church, which remains white and beautiful as always. Even I thought the brothers had washed, lol, but she just do not mess up!

When the pastor opened the temple, the floor was waxed up! Shining! Neither one had dust on the floor of the Church!

The small room in the annex is serving to keep the equipment from journalists. The staff of the Globe when he arrived not believe what he saw. Everything destroyed, and the Church intact in the middle of everything. Neither the grass was affected. The Lord has preserved everything! (The parallel Street was torn, but the grass of the church continued in perfect place!)

The houses of our brothers are also intact. Just had to get out of there because the street was completely destroyed. No access by car or water supply or electricity, because the pipe was loaded by the "flood" of water and mud which descended from the mountains, and the posts were also torn.


Praise the name of the Lord!

None of our brothers lost home, no family. Some are in the homes of relatives and even other Brethren Church just in case and for not having more access street in the neighborhood of quiet.

Let us pray that all who pass in front of the church to see the Lord's care and understand that the Lord alone is God, and that they can rebuild their lives in the presence of the Lord walking with us.

Note: This report concerns the city of Teresopolis-RJ. We also have churches in the cities of Petropolis, Nova Friburgo and St. Joseph's continue to pray for all the brothers who live here in the mountain region, which all can live a great experience of deliverance and the Lord's care, and anything that comes to them miss. We pray especially for the life of his brother Pablo Rocha. His house was condemned by the Civil Defense, but is still standing, contrary to all. May the Lord preserve his brother's house, and to serve as a testimony of victory for us all!

Strong Hug and Peace of the Lord Jesus to all!

Teresopolis, January 13, 2011

Title: Re: Flooding in Brazil
Post by: Earth Angel on January 16, 2011, 12:59:44 am
Wow! Fernanda, that's amazing! Hopefully the rest of your people will be as lucky. I'll keep Brazil in my prayers and I'm glad you're okay.  :BFF: